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hot singer lee amy biography

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Amy Lee's
Date of Birth : 13 December 1981
Amy Lee's Birth Name : Amy Lynn Lee
Amy Lee's Full Name : Amy Lynn Lee
Amy Lee's Real Name : Amy Lynn Hartzler
Amy Lee's First Name : "Amy"
Amy Lee's Last Name : "Hartzler", "Lee"

Amy Lee's Middle Name : "Lynn"
Amy Lee's Legal name : "Amy Lynn Lee Hartzler", "Amy Lynn Lee", "Amy Lynn Hartzler"
Amy Lee's Height : 1.61 m
Amy Lee's Weight: 130 lbs
Amy Lee's Waist : 27"
Amy Lee's Chest : 36"
Amy Lee's Hips : 35"
Amy Lee's Hair color : Black
Amy Lee's Eye color : Blue
Amy Lee's Favorite Color : Blue
Amy Lee's Gender : Female
Amy Lee's Nationality : american
Amy Lee's Birthplace : Riverside, California
Lee Amy's Occupation : Singer
Lee Amy's Horoscope : Sagitarius
Lee Amy's Grew Up : Little Rock, Arkansas
Lee Amy's Hometown : Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
Lee Amy's Residence : Los Angeles,California,USA
Lee Amy's Status : Married
Lee Amy's Singles : Broken
Lee Amy's Record label : Wind-up Records
Lee Amy's Plays : guitar, piano, harp, lead vocalist
Genre : alternative rock, alternative metal
Occupation : songwriter, opera singer

Lee Amy's Family Detail :
Lee Amy's Spouse : Josh Hartzler
Lee Amy's Fathers name : John Lee
Lee Amy's Mothers name : Sarah Cargill
Lee Amy's Brothers name : Robbie
Lee Amy's Sisters : Carrie and Laurie

Lee Amy's Education Detail :
Lee Amy's High School Name : Dominican Convent

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