Sunday, July 31, 2011

Top hollywood actress photos having diamond rings

Celebrity wear very costly diamond rings when they go to public. There are many types of diamond rings available in market but celebrity choose attractive ring jewelry for them. Ring jewelry cost of celebrity goes to in cores of rupees. Here i have listed someone photos of celebrity wearing diamond settings ring, diamond ring, diamond engagement ring, tacori engagement rings,  gold ring, 4 carat ring and many more.

Angelina Jolie ring emerald

Princess Cut Diamond Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Set 1 Carat (ctw) in 14K White Gold, Size 7

Catherine Zeta-Jones engagement ring pictures

Christina Applegate engagement ring

Emma Watson wearing tacori engagement rings

Eva Mendes having chocolate diamond ring

Fearne Cotton with antique rings

Kim Kardashian big diamond engagement ring

Penleope Cruz cost of ring jewelry

Photos of renee zellwegerwith diamond ring

Salma Hayek diamond engagement ring photos

Top Hollywood celebrity choice earring pics

Celebrities seem very cute in big earrings, costume jewelry earring, earrings earrings, white earrings, handmade jewelry, celebrity engagement ring and crystal earring. earring is most likely jewelry of all women. Every women have different choices for earrings. here are some celebrities photos showing which type and designs they like.Based on celebrity choice, you can purchase jewelry.

Selena Gomez in non pierced earrings

Sterling Silver Pressed Flower Teardrop Earrings

Anne Hathaway wearing gemstone earrings

Ashlee Simpson with big earrings

crystal earring weared Rachel Weisz

Diane Kruger style in gold earrings

Elizabeth Perkins wearing white gold gemstone

Hilary Swank academy award with gold earrings

Julia Louise wearing unique handmade jewelry

Julia Roberts in diamond gold drop earrings

Scarlett Johansson with a pearl earring

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pin Up: Hellz Bellz

I need to have the entire collection! If you know Hellz Bellz.. I mean from the beginning then you will recognize that these designs are the classics! Definitely a must have for the hardcore Hellz fans. 

made me: autumn & winter

We know, we know.. Summer's not over yet. It's the last month of the season, so we need to check all the to-do's off our summer 2011 wish list & start our Shopping list for Autumn. Layers of amazing pieces are my favorite part of the cold, breezy, & magical season. MADE ME always makes the icing on the cake with there amazing leather jackets, & now there's varsity jackets!! I love these pieces, and it's just the beginning of there full collection. Order it all @

Friday, July 22, 2011

Megan Fox’s cover and pictorial
Here is Megan Fox covers and paintings of the August issue of Elle China. I have no idea that's encouraging, but I think it is new or relatively new photo shoot.
It is encouraging that the way to fan sites, Megan, and it seems that this is a kind of super-optimal version of your face 2011.
It is racist to say that Megan is on the cover of fashion magazine in China at this time, it is better to look at a part of Asia? I do not think it's racist. Honestly, it seems part of Asia at this time. With all due respect to all the beautiful Asian women out there - which is much prettier than Megan Fox and she was much prettier before screwing his face.
Meanwhile, Megan sat down with Marie Claire UK, to talk about their "beauty secrets". Some of them are quite interesting:
    Less is more: my philosophy of beauty "less is more", so my daily routine consists of washing the face completely and hydration with La Roche-Posay Sunscreen [Anthelios SPF 30 protection AC Liquid Extreme £ 15.50] I. I drink lots of water and think it's important enough sleep.
    Hair Color: I've always wanted to be blonde when I was a bit like Barbie and Pamela Anderson, but that could really damage the hair. It was exotic to me than my family has brown hair. If I did, I would, very white blonde.
    Femininity: My definition of beauty is the simplicity, elegance and sensuality. Ava Gardner is my icon of beauty.
I think if a woman is in harmony with itself and stays true to its values, of course, come on. Femininity is not what you wear or hang on how you look. This relationship.
    There is no heart: Sport is my positive energy, practice every day with my trainer, Harley Pasternak. Each circuit lasts 45 minutes, lift weights, but never do cardio
    No Diet: I eat five times a day and not a diet, but like most raw and vegan, dairy-free. That is not always possible to travel and shoot, but I try. I also take supplements, such as silicone oil and fish religiously.
    Makeup: I try my makeup fresh, clean and very red on the carpet. To use red lipstick in my signature look with the naked eye, so use a light base, then in my cheeks, I blush, and sometimes even the same lipstick I wear. Giorgio Armani Armani d'Rouge Lipstick in 400, £ 23, in contrast to my pale skin and dark hair.
    No makeup: While I work, I do not like wearing makeup too much, but when I walk naked in the face, as I would like my skin a break.
    Moisten with grapeseed oil to wash my face every 12 hours, and then moisturize. I just took a shower, they do not like sitting in a tub of water. After my shower with moisture in grape seed oil from whole foods [organic cold-pressed oils, £ 12.60]. This is an excellent moisturizer and lighter than olive oil.
[From Marie Claire]

Something seems to be quite honest - in snapshots, often without makeup Megan, and though his face unrecognizable, we can say that it takes pretty good for your skin.
I've never heard of grape seed oil hydration, but! That females actually do this? If my skin is dry on my face, I use Olay Age despite a night cream. Works like a charm!

Paris Hilton walked out of a GMA interview

A few days ago, it is useless idiot cokehead was an interview with Good Morning America, offended. Paris Hilton in her thong ABC correspondent Dan Harris disorders asked about their insignificance in Paris, citing Kardashians "fame is an example of how Paris was in the shadow of famewhore game.
Paris was behind the camera (his publicist, so it seems) and then put in Huff, who have temporarily left the interview. She later returned and finished the segment. TooFab said Paris was now complaining of it, and she thinks she was "ambushed." In seriously.
    Paris Hilton ABC correspondent Dan Harris, and broadcast "Good Morning America" ​​interview that went wrong, a source close to the situation told TooFab very excited.

    30-year-old star of reality show had to be removed, because Harris agreed deviations from the (very bad) about the persecution, the source said.
    A source says Hilton invited Harris and his team to his house to discuss the recent spate of celebrity stalking. Estimated stalker Hilton, James Rainford, was recently arrested and charged with assault on her boyfriend in April and Cy Waits harass near his home in July.
    "Do you worry sometimes that the people who were in their footsteps, Kim Kardashian, that dwarf?" Harris asked.

    He replied: "No, absolutely not," Hilton.

    "You have to worry about the presentation of your time?" Harris went on, mocked and sound at this point and Hilton left his chair.
    One source said some of the issues raised by the Hilton, since only a few minutes ago, Harris was and is a success (a $ 1 billion) of your line of fragrances and went into marketing. "It's funny that it was more than you earn one billion dollars, and then asks if appropriate," the source added. "She's excited. He felt attacked."

    The source added that the new Hilton in an interview with ABC told him to cut the part where she's gone, but did not. The source also said Hilton appears that Harris did just to advertise itself, which has now been reached will receive.

[In Too Fab]

Exactly. Ridiculous. Paris Hilton makes a sit-down interview (which is garbage for a living!) As has been shown the war, and she tried to show the reality, otherwise no one cares to promote. Just as it gets more attention, is the arrest, the connection to an underage person, stupid or completely (see this post). Instead, wise enough to say, "Well, I think my conversation several successful business interests to yourself," showed in Paris ass and you all know it really does not matter, and she knows it .

By the way, do you like what Paris calls famewhore Dan Harris? This is what it says - "You know just because he asked me the question means!" They say a semi-decent journalist, for the love of God.