Tuesday, June 21, 2011

american comedian actress Jennifer McCarthy bio

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Jennifer McCarthy's
Date of Birth : 1 November 1972
Jennifer McCarthy's Birth Place : Chicago, Illinois, USA
Jennifer McCarthy's Birth Name : Jennifer Ann McCarthy
Jennifer McCarthy's ull name : Jennifer McCarthy
Jennifer McCarthy's Height : 1.69 m
Jennifer McCarthy's Hips : 86 cm
Jennifer McCarthy's Waist : 61 cm
Jennifer McCarthy's Weight : 54 kg

Jennifer McCarthy's Hair Color : Brown
Jennifer McCarthy's Eyes Color : Blue
Jennifer McCarthy's Gender : Female
Jennifer McCarthy's Nationality : American
Jennifer McCarthy's Zodiac Sign : Scorpio
Jennifer McCarthy's Religion : Deist
Jennifer McCarthy's Spouse : John Mallory Asher
Jennifer McCarthy's Race or Ethnicity : White
Jennifer McCarthy's Sexual Orientation : Straight
Jennifer McCarthy's Education : Attended Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, nursing

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