Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Top 5 African Countries With the Most Deaths by AIDS

Country Deaths By AIDS 2007 Deaths By AIDS 2001

Sources: UNAIDS/ WHO epidemiological Fact Sheet 2008.
List Notes: Data is estimated number of adults and children who died of AIDS for the years 2007 and 2001. Most current data available is for the year 2007 (updated by the Top 5 of Anything, April 2010).
South Africa 350,000 370,000
Nigeria 170,000 130,000
Zimbabwe 140,000 150,000
Kenya 107,000 130,000
Tanzania 96,000 110,000

  1. In 2008, an estimated 1.9 million people living in sub-Saharan Africa becamenewly infected with HIV, bringing the total number of people living with HIV to 22.4 million.
  2. In 2008, an estimated 1.4 million AIDS-related deaths occurred in sub-Saharan Africa. This number represents an 18% decline in annual HIV-related mortality in the region since 2004.
  3. In 2008, sub-SaharanAfrica accounted for 67% of HIV infectionsworldwide, 68% of new HIV infections amongadults and 91% of new HIV infections amongchildren. The region also accounted for 72% of theworld's AIDS-related deaths in 2008
  4. While the rate of new HIV infections in sub-Saharan Africa has slowly declined (with thenumber of new infections in 2008 approximately 25% lower than at the epidemic's peak in the region in 1995)the number of people living with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa slightly increased in 2008, in part due to increased longevity stemming from improved access to HIV treatment. Adult (15-49) HIV prevalence declined from 5.8% in 2001 to 5.2% in 2008.
  5. An estimated 33 million people were living with HIV in 2007. There were 2.7 million new HIV infections and 2 million AIDS-related deaths last year.
Top 5 facts sources: UNAIDS/ WHO epidemiological Fact Sheet 2008.