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pictures of fashion model Bridget Hall - biography

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bridget hall biography

Bridget Hall's
Birth Name : Bridget Hall
Bridget Hall's Date of Birth : 12 December 1977
Bridget Hall's Place of Birth : Springdale, Arkansas, USA
Bridget Hall's Real name : Bridget Hall
Bridget Hall's Nickname : Wild Child
Bridget Hall's Mothers name : Donna Hall
Bridget Hall's Country : American model
Bridget Hall's Occupation : Model
Bridget Hall's Height : 179 cm
Bridget Hall's Heritage : American
Bridget Hall's Hair color : Dark Blonde
Bridget Hall's Eye color : Hazel
Bridget Hall's Bust: 89 cm
Bridget Hall's Waist : 63 cm
Bridget Hall's Chest : 86 cm
Bridget Hall's Hips : 89 cm
Bridget Hall's Astrology Sign : Sagittarius
Bridget Hall's Agency : IMG (NY, Paris, London), Why Not (Milan)
Bridget Hall's Sign : Sagittarius

Bridget Hall's Fashion Shows :
Ready to wear - Spring/Summer - 1997
Ready to wear - Spring/Summer - 1998
Haute Couture - Autumn/Winter - 1998
Victoria's Secret - 1998
Ready to wear - Spring/Summer 1999
Spring/Summer 2001
Fall/Winter 2001
Spring/Summer 2002
Fall/Winter 2002
Fall/Winter 2002 Haute
Fall/Winter 2003
Spring/summer 2004.

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