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pics of royal katie prices jorden photo - biography

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Katie Price biography

Katie Price's
Astrology Sign : Gemini
Katie Price's Birth place: Brighton, Sussex, UK
Katie Price's Birth Name : Katrina Amy Alexandria Alexis Infield
Katie Price's Real name : Katrina Alexandra Infield
Katie Price's First Name : Katie
Katie Price's Last Name : Price
Katie Price's Nickname : Katie
Katie Price's Relationship status : Married
Katie Price's Residence : UK
Katie Price's Hometown : Brighton, England, UK
Katie Price's Nationality : British
Katie Price's Height : 1.63 m
Katie Price's Hair Color : brunette
Katie Price's Eye color : hazel
Katie Price's Trade Mark : Her gigantic breasts
Katie Price's Famous for : She's quite an eyeful
Katie Price's Best Known As : The U.K. tabloid model known as "Jordan"
Katie Price's Profession : Model, media personality, singer, television personalit

Katie Price's Spouse :
Alex Reid - 2 February 2010 - present
Peter Andre - 10 September 2005 - 8 September 2009

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pics of vanessa hudgens photos - biography

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Vanessa Hudgens biography

Vanessa Hudgens's
Date of Birth : 14 December 1988
Vanessa Hudgens's Sign : Sagittarius
Vanessa Hudgens's Birth Place : Salinas, California, USA
Vanessa Hudgens's Birth Name : Vanessa Anne Hudgens
Vanessa Hudgens's Nickname : Nessa, V, Van, Baby V, Vanney
Vanessa Hudgens's Height : 1.64 m
Vanessa Hudgens's Trade Mark : Long dark hair
Vanessa Hudgens's Gender : Female
Vanessa Hudgens's Profession : Actor; singer
Vanessa Hudgens's Nationality : American
Vanessa Hudgens's Famous as : Actress, Singer
Vanessa Hudgens's Relationships : Zac Efron, boyfriend
Vanessa Hudgens's Genres : Pop, dance
Vanessa Hudgens's Best known as : Zac Efron's co-star in the High School Musical films
Vanessa Hudgens's Hobbies : Singing, dancing, acting
Vanessa Hudgens's Ethnicity : Mixed
Vanessa Hudgens's Country of Origin : United States

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pics of jodie marsh tattooing photos - biography

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Jodie Marsh biography

Jodie Marsh's
Date of Birth : 23 December 1978
Jodie Marsh's Star Sign : Capricorn
Jodie Marsh's Place of birth : Brentwood, Essex, England, UK
Jodie Marsh's Birth Name : Jodie Louisa Marsh
Jodie Marsh's Height : 1.57 m
Jodie Marsh's Build : Average
Jodie Marsh's Spouse : Matt Peacock - divorced
Jodie Marsh's Real Name : Jodie Louisa Marsh
Jodie Marsh's Nickname : Jodie Marsh
Jodie Marsh's First Name : Jodie
Jodie Marsh's Last Name : Marsh
Jodie Marsh's Famous for : She is the poor man's Jordan
Jodie Marsh's Relationship status : Single
Jodie Marsh's Nationality : British
Jodie Marsh's Zodiac Sign : Capricorn
Jodie Marsh's Eye Color : Brown - Dark
Jodie Marsh's Hair Color : Dyed Blonde
Jodie Marsh's Claim to Fame : Essex Wives/ Glamour Model/Lack of Clothing/Bitching
Jodie Marsh's Occupation : controversial publicity seeker, Model, Glamour model and television personality
Jodie Marsh's Celebrity Status : model and media personality

Jodie Marsh Date with :
Fran Cosgrave
Calum Best
Kian Egan
Scott Wright

Jodie Marsh biography

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