Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Only Men In Life Of Sandra Bullock Is Her Son

Ryan Reynolds: The Only Men In Life Of Sandra Bullock Is Her Son

Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock
Ryan Reynolds is widely seen as the new boyfriend of Sandra Bullock, but the young actor vigorously denied the rumors and at the same time does not cease to praise his colleague. Former husband of Scarlett Johansson so far has been recorded several times with Sandra, who says that he is a pleasure to work with her.
“I’d love to shoot more films with her. I’d be a fool if I refused. If we can agree, I will come on to record and act as best I know,” Ryan says that with Sandra privately grew close, but claims to have been just friends.
He argues that the only man in Sandra’s life at the moment is her son Louis who was two months ago, celebrated his first birthday. Ryan is pretty close with the boy, apparently a little Louis loves the company of Canadian actor.
“I think I still have not officially earned the title of his uncle, but we are pretty close,” said Ryan. He is obviously a very successful in recovery from divorce with Scarlett Johansson, as was recently seen in Cape Town with a beautiful German model Agnes Fischer. On the other hand, Scarlett also do not mourn, but delights in conjunction with Sean Penn, with whom she was at a recent wedding of Reese Witherspoon.