Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Joe Jonas And Ashley Green Broke Up

Joe Jonas And Ashley Green Broke Up Because Of Unadjusted Schedules

Joe Jonas and Ashley Green broke up
Joe Jonas this week did an interview in which he talked about his girlfriend, Ashley Green. Therefore, nothing has been given a hint of today’s news. Specifically, today announced that Joe and Ashley broke-up a few weeks ago. According to sources close to the couple, the interruption was a joint decision, and they remained friends.
Supposedly they were motivated to stop the fact that both have busy work pace, which can not be reconciled. Strange, considering that in a recent interview said the girl follows him everywhere and that his feelings are most important. “I think that it works because it forces me to put my feelings in the first place. She understands how crowded my schedule is. She will go with me everywhere, she accompanied me on a tour through South America,” said in love Jonas.
Maybe Ashley, meanwhile, has become less adaptable. The actress herself is very busy shooting “Twilight.” Their relationship was pretty serious so he came to her movie set, she accompanied him on tours, and met his family. Although listed as a reason for break-up demanding efforts and unadjusted schedules, currently Joe and Ashley are in New York.