Sunday, January 30, 2011

Anne Hathaway in Marni: tragic or cute?
These pictures of Anne Hathaway at a press screening of Rio, an animated film in which Anne has done a voice.

This is not the prime minister, is the selection process, so no need to wear their best clothes for Anna or something. And maybe the problem - it's like Anna with "random" team games.

I mean ... Marni Rachel Zoe get this up and down it? Or not entirely Anna? Really, really want to think they chose a sweater.

It's like a version of the high culture of the 90's something, would have led to Freddy Krueger.

And the pants would be nice ... in another situation. How, without the sweater.

But I can not hate Ann. She is beautiful and talented, and Rachel Zoe stops to put on the worst shit I do on the Internet.

I have high hopes for her and James Franco at the Oscars - as owner, I think he was surprised at the end of each of us and eliminate the park, press a thumb.

Do The Creep: the Lonely Island ft. Nicki Minaj

I've been meaning to watch this video since all the hype, I love Nicki as a nerd & that silver line under her eye.. I need to try that it looks so cute!

threads: Mayo Wo

I can honestly look through for days. There so many people with inspiring, and unique style from all over the world. Mayo's piece's are so beautiful. I love the colors, the socks with pumps (which I could never pull off) & my favorite is the skirt & the way it pretty! Check out more from Mayo Wo on her Lookbook .

Find any good styles on Share them with us in the comment box.

The Year of Fifi Lapin

There's a Fifi for every month of the year. Check them all out on her blog.

New Music: Moshadee : Grove Street

I've really been looking forward to this! Moshadee drops his second official mixtape "Grove Street". Still to this day I listen to his last mixtape "The Progression", so I can't wait to see what more Moshadee has to offer. Now a little description from Mo...

"Grove Street is the block I grew up on. Even though this is my second project, I feel as though this is a better introduction of who I am. I lived on Grove for eleven years. From the tender age of five up until my teenagers years. All the memories and lessons I’ve had while living there have been summed up and put into this tape. Not everything is Grove Street related, but the overall feel brings me back to those days. My best work yet, I’m sure listeners will feel the same." - Moshadee

Downlod: "Grove Street" by Moshadee

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Top 10 Most Expensive-Forbes Listed Watches in the World 2011

Hi friends,

Some reach person has a hobby for collecting most expensive watches. They spent unbelievable money for collecting most expensive watches. And some have a hobby of wearing world’s most expensive watches. When we see the price of most expensive watches then we can think that what is there in this watch so its price is much more? Am I right? I want to clear one thing here that reason for much price is complexities of the production or the material using on the production. There are also ball watches in the market. ball watches are also too expensive. Most expensive watches for men and are also watches for women. Let’s see the list of top 10 most expensive watches listed by Forbes and other top 10 list which I have searched from net.

Forbes Listed Top 10 Most expensive watches :

1. Henry Graves Supercomplication - $11,002,500
2. Caliber 89 - $5,002,500
3. Platinum World Time - $4,026,524
4. Model 2523 Heures Universelles - $2,899,373
5. Model 2499 First Series - $2,280,000
6. Model 1591 - $2,263,964
7. Model 2499 First Series - $2,129,000
8. Grande Complication - $1,980,200
9. The Grogan - $1,945,040
10. Officier - $1,918,387

Other Most expensive top 10 watches list :

1. 201-carat Chopard - $25000000
2. Patek Phillipe’s Supercomplication - $11000000
3. Patek Philippe’s Platinum World Time - $4000000
4. Vacheron Constantin Tour de l’Ile - $1500000
5. our de l’Ile: $1500000
6. Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon - $1300000
7. The Chopard Super Ice Cube - $1100000
8. Hublot Black Caviar Bang - $1000000
9. Louis Moinet Magistralis - $860000
10. Joaillerie 101 Manchette - Unknown till the moment

Visual: It's Kind of a Funny Story

An Entire Package.
I've already explained how much I loved this movie. It was an amazing, inspiring, story & the film was very captivating. One of my favorite parts of the movie was how they mixed media.. like 3-D drawing, motion picture, and amazing music!! Well recently the movie came out on DVD & iTunes, and I got a chance to do some research on who created the drawings featured in the movie, as well as the musical artist. If you haven't seen "It's Kind of a Funny Story" yet make sure you check it out. Enjoy.


White Hinterland - Icarus

The Middle East - Blood


Brian Drucker

Friday, January 28, 2011

Killer Heels: Nicki Edition.

"Versace Geometric Heel Satin Sandals"


Nails Did: Never too much

I think it's ok to sometimes splurge on nail polish, when you get amazing results. I would love to post ever shade, but let's not overload the upload. Check out all of the deborah lippmann lacquer collect to find some cool shades.

You'll find lovely names for each beauty like... Daytripper, Diamonds & Pearls, Bitches Brew, & Some Enchanting Evening. $16 - $20

katrina kaif wallpapers in bikini top

It should be noted that due to her poor knowledge of Hindi (and other Indian languages), Katrina Kaif's voice has often been dubbed over by another actress for many of her early films. With the exception of De Dana Dan, all her films since New York feature her real voice. Earlier films in which her real voice is also heard are Singh Is Kinng, Namastey London and Boompali (18 &sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0CDMQ6AEwAA. Retrieved 2007–03–25. "Katrina Kaif is my real name. Kaif is my father's surname, he is Kashmiri," she bristled. "When I joined films I decided to take his surname, since I felt people would be able to associate better with an Indian surname.Parvéz Dewân's Jammû, Kashmîr, and Ladâkh: Kashmîr. ManasPublications. Retrieved 2007–03–25. "Today if a person has even a drop of Kashmiri blood in his veins he proclaims it proudly. From novelist Salman Rushdie to writer MJ Akbar and actress-fashion model Katrina Kaif, people everywhere are celebrating their Kashmiri roots." India today, Volume 27. Thomson Living Media India Ltd.. Retrieved 2007–03–25. "Half-Kashmiri. half-Brit. Kaif is one of three leading ladies (besides Madhu Sapre and Salman Rushdie's muse Padma ..."Kaif began her modeling career at the age fourteen; her first job was for a jewelry campaign. She continued modeling in London under a contract with the Models 1 Agency and did campaigns for houses such as La Senza and Arcadius, and even walked on the London Fashion Week.[3]Kaif's London modeling-work led to her discovery by London-based filmmaker Kaizad Gustad, who gave her a part in his film Boom (2003). She moved to Mumbai and was offered a number of modeling assignments. However, filmmakers were initially hesitant to sign her because she could not speak Hindi.Kaif saw moderate success with the 2005 film Sarkar, where she played the bit part of Abhishek Bachchan's girlfriend, and Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya (2005), where she was paired opposite Salman KhaIn 2007, Kaif appeared in her first major hit movie, Namastey London, wherein she starred as a British Indian girl alongside Akshay Kumar for the second time after the box office letdown Humko Deewana Kar Gaye (2006). Her run of hit films continued with Apne, Partner, and Welcome.[10In 2008, she played the villain role for the first time in Abbas-Mustan's hit action thriller Race. She played the role of Saif Ali Khan's secretary who is secretly in love with his hostile stepbrother (played by Akshay Khanna). Kaif's second release of the year was Anees Bazmee's production Singh Is Kinng, opposite Akshay Kumar. The film was a big success at the box office. Kaif's final release of the year, Subhash Ghai's Yuvvraaj, was a commercial failure,[11] but its script has made its way into the Library of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences for artistic merits, original screenplay with a substance, and the film as a whole.Kaif's first release for 2009, New York, with John Abraham, was a critical and commercial success.[14] Kaif's performance was highly regarded. Wrote critic Taran Adarsh, "Katrina gives you the biggest surprise. Known for her glamour roles, Katrina proves that she can deliver if the director and writer offer her a role of substance. She's outstanding. In fact, people will see a new, different Katrina this time."[15She next played a bit role as a biker chick in the multi-starrer action film Blue, popularly known as India's first underwater thriller,[16] which performed decently at the box office.[17] The film was not successfulAt the year's end, she appeared in Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani, with Ranbir Kapoor, and De Dana Dan with Akshay Kumar. Both films were commercial successesKaif's first film of 2010 was Raajneeti, where she appeared opposite Ranbir Kapoor. The film did extremely well at the box office, receiving a blockbuster status.[18] She is currently filming Farah Khan's Tees Maar Khan with Akshay Kumar. The film is set to be released on 24 December 2010.[19] Her popularity led her to be named as one of Bollywood's six top actresses in a September 2010 article, alongside actresses Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, Aishwarya Rai, Deepika Padukone and Kangna Ranaut.[20]
VoiIt should be noted that due to her poor knowledge of Hindi (and other Indian languages), Katrina Kaif's voice has often been dubbed over by another actress for many of her early films. With the exception of De Dana Dan, all her films since New York feature her real voice. Earlier films in which her real voice is also heard are Singh Is Kinng, Namastey London and Boom
Kaif was born in Hong Kong[3] to an Indian Kashmiri father,[4][5][6] Mohammed Kaif, and an English mother, Suzanne Turquotte,[7] both of whom are British citizens. Her parents divorced when she was very young. Kaif has seven siblings. She was raised in Hawaii and later moved to her mother's home country, EnglanKatrina Kaif (Kashmiri: क़त्रीना कैफ़ (Devanagari)) (born 16 July 1984) is an actress and former model who appears in Indian films, mainly in the Hindi-language film industry.[1][2] She has also appeared in Telugu, and Malayalam films.katrina kaif
katrina kaif
katrina kaif
katrina kaif
katrina kaif
katrina kaif
katrina kaif
katrina kaif
katrina kaif

katrina kaif

kareena kapoor bollywood pictures6photo shoot

Hailing from a family deeply involved in the Bollywood film industry, Kapoor faced the media spotlight from a very young age despite not making her acting debut until 2000 As a child, Kapoor regularly attended award ceremonies and events with her mother Babita and sister Karisma Kapoor, and would also accompany her sister on set during filming. In an interview with Filmfare, she said that growing up in a film family helped her develop a sense of professionalism towards her work and remain grounded as a human being. Kapoor's off-screen life has been subject to wide media coverage in India with frequent press coverage of her weight and diet She also created headlines with her much publicized breakup with Shahid Kapoor and her subsequent relationship with actor Saif Ali Khan. referred to as India's "BrangelinaSaifeenaby the press her relationship with Khan has become one of the most reported celebrity stories in India since 2007. In recent years, in response to media speculation, Kapoor has developed a nonchalant relationship with the media and has gained a reputation for discussing her professional or private life with the press with no reservationsIn 2008, she co-starred alongside Akshay Kumar, Saif Ali Khan and Anil Kapoor in Vijay Krishna Acharya's action-thriller Tashan. Though a poll conducted by Bollywood Hungama named it as the most anticipated release of the year film eventually became a commercial and critical failure next provided her voice for the character of Laila, the love interest of a street dog named Romeo, in the Yash Raj Films and Walt Disney Pictures animated film Roadside Romeo. It was the second Bollywood film to receive a North American release by a Hollywood studio preparation for the role, Kapoor viewed several Hollywood animated films to analyse how actors delivered their dialogues Kapoor then appeared in Rohit Shetty's comedy Golmaal Returns, the sequel to the 2006 film Golmaal. A part of an ensemble cast that included Ajay Devgn, Arshad Warsi and Tusshar Kapoor, Kapoor played a distrustful wife who believed her husband to be unfaithful. The film received ambivalent reception from critics and Kapoor herself received mixed reviews. The Indian Express believed the screenplay was unoriginal, concluding, "There is nothing particularly new about a suspicious wife keeping tabs on her husband, and there is nothing particularly new in the way Kareena plays it. Golmaal Returns was nonetheless a major financial success, with revenues of 793 million million internationallyThe following year, Kapoor was cast as Simrita Rai opposite Akshay Kumar in Sabbir Khan's battle of the sexes comedy Kambakkht Ishq. Set in Los Angeles, California, it became the first Indian film in history to be shot within Universal Studios Hollywood, California, and featured several cameo appearances from Hollywood actors. The film earned over 840 million.07 million worldwide, but was a critical failure. Times of India described her performance as "a complete let-down" and further stated that "despite her haute-coutured look, her micro minis, her pencil heels, she comes across as a completely unconvincing supermodel cum surgeon. She next starred in Prem Soni's directorial debut, Main Aurr Mrs Khanna. Kapoor featured as the protagonist, Raina Khanna, a woman who becomes the sole breadwinner of the family, and therefore struggles with her marriage. The film was critically and financially the Daily News and Analysis concluding that "Kapoor shows moments of the talent we associate with her, but then slumps with a silly drunken scene or by just smiling beatifically through emotional momentsIn August 2007, Kapoor replaced actress Soha Ali Khan, when she was hired as the brand ambassador for the clothing chain Globus on a two-year contract Vinay Nadkarni, CEO of Globus Stores Pvt Ltd, explained that in an attempt to move away from being a multi-branded retail chain to adopting a single brand strategy for its stores, the clothing chain decided to appoint a different brand ambassador for its new business ventures On being appointed by Globus, Kapoor commented, "I am delighted to be the face of Globus look forward to spreading this new language of fashion across the nation her start, it was reported that the brand had experienced a 75 percent increase in sales.In February 2008, Kapoor announced that she would be launching her own line of clothing, thus becoming the first Indian actress to do so.[100] She said, "I will be launching my exclusive line of clothes soon and I am quite sure people will like it. My clothing line is very reflective of my personal sense of style and will have my label on it. Just like I am pretty casual about my dressing, my line will also consist of an extremely wearable yet stylish collection. I am taking out this line in association with Globus, a brand that I am also the ambassadress for further stated that she would also be involved in the planning and designing process of the clothing as well clothing line debuted several months later in stores across India and was well-received by the publicFollowing the end of her contract with Globus, Kapoor expressed her desire of working with an international design house from the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture in France, to release her clothing line internationally.[January 2010, she explained that "I have the plans in place just have to execute them" However, Kapoor later noted that due to her prior commitments, her "plans have had to take a
Following Main Aurr Mrs Khanna, Kapoor's next release was Kurbaan, a dramatic thriller set against the backdrop of global terrorism It was directed by Rensil D'Silva and written by Karan Johar, co-starring Saif Ali Khan, Vivek Oberoi, Om Puri and Kirron Kher. Kapoor played the role of Avantika Ahuja, a woman who is confined to house arrest after finding out that her husband is a terrorist. She described the film as "an emotionally draining experience", which did not let her disconnect from her character during shooting. release, the film was critically embraced and Kapoor received her fourth Filmfare Best Actress nomination to Subhash K Jha, "Kurbaan belongs to Kareena Kapoor. In her most consistently-pitched performance to date she pulls out all stops to play a betrayed wife with splendid sensitivity. Kareena accommodates her radiant beauty into an utterly credible character and performance. At her best, Kareena is incomparable. She proves it in KurbaanHer final release of 2009 was Rajkumar Hirani's drama 3 Idiots, a film loosely based on the novel Five Point Someone by Chetan Co-starring alongside Aamir Khan, R. Madhavan and Sharman Joshi, Kapoor starred as Pia, an independent-minded medical student and Khan's love interest. On acting alongside Khan, Kapoor revealed that it was "a dream come true" and further stated that her journey as an actress was "finally complete" feature received much critical devotion and emerged as the highest-grossing Bollywood film of all time, grossing 2,026 million the Indian box office It also did well internationally and earned over 690 million .66 million, the second Bollywood success of all time in the overseas opined that Kapoor dazzled with her "brief role, and even though a lot of her spunk seems significantly Jab We Met in tone, she lights up the screen when she is around." the 55th Filmfare Awards, Kapoor received another Best Actress nomination for her role
In 2010, she appeared in the romantic comedy Milenge Milenge, a production that had been delayed since 2005. feature garnered negative reviews and poor box office returns. Kapoor's role was small and was not well-received. She next featured alongside Kajol and Arjun Rampal in We Are Family, the Hindi adaptation of the 1998 Hollywood release Stepmom. Prior on commencing work for the project, Kapoor explained that she did not want to watch Stepmom in an attempt to "interpret the my own style to the film was mostly lukewarm, but Kapoor's performance drew positive reviews; critic Taran Adarsh remarked that Kareena as the stepmom is just right, since she is the only actor who can stand up to Kajol in high-voltage scenes and that is because Kareena is a powerful actor herself. At the same time, The New York Times noted: "Kapoor to make something of a role that often beggars belief. followed with the leading female role in Rohit Shetty's comedy Golmaal 3, the sequel to the 2008 release Golmaal Returns. A part of an ensemble cast that included most of the actors from the previous film, the project was met with mixed reactions from reviewers, though became the most successful entry in the Golmaal film series, earning more than 1,000 million domestically. review in MiD DAY described Kapoor's portrayal of the tomboy Daboo asreal hero...who takes the story forwardKapoor is scheduled to appear in a leading role in Anubhav Sinha's science fiction Ra.OneThefilm, which stars her alongside Shahrukh Khan and Arjun Rampal began filming in India in March 2010. She is also set to star opposite Saif Ali Khan in Sriram Raghavan's action-thriller Agent Vinod.
kareena kapoor
kareena kapoor
kareena kapoor
kareena kapoor
kareena kapoor
kareena kapoor
kareena kapoor
kareena kapoor
kareena kapoor
kareena kapoor
kareena kapoor
kareena kapoor
kareena kapoor
kareena kapoor
kareena kapoor