Saturday, July 31, 2010

Top 25 Electronics Companies

Hi friends,
Do you know which is the worlds top electronics company?
Do you know which is the world's best electronics comapny?
Here is the list of worl's top 25 electronics company.
Most popular companies are in top 10 list of electronics comapny.

1. Philips
2. Toshiba
3. Samsung
4. Sony
5. Mitsubishi
6. Hitachi
7. Panasonic
8. LG
9. JVC
10. Zenith
11. Pioneer
12. Hannspree
13. RCA
14. Sharp
15. Yamaha
16. Projectors
17. NEC
18. Viewsonic
19. MAG InnoVision
21. Optiquest
23. godrej
24. kelvinator
25. whirlpool

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World's Top 5 beautiful news readers

Hello friends,

Do you know who is the world's best and beautiful news reader?
News reading is one type of art.
If there will be combination of beauty and news then its very interesting for public.
News readers are also celebrities.
Here is the list of top 5 news reader with their photos.

1. Melissa Theuriau
2. Sonia Sheno
3. Natalia Cooper
4. Mitali Mukherjee
5. Nicole Lapin
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Friday, July 30, 2010

Evergreen Madhuri Dixit is presently pretty upset

Madhuri Dixit, the evergreen and once sought after Bollywood actress is presently pretty upset. She wishes to re-connect with her fans via social media network, but can’t. She is finding complexity to confirm her actual identity in the very popular social networking site, ‘Twitter’.

Shakira World Cup Concerts Photos

Hilary Duff Sexy Celebrities
Recently, the ‘Twitter’ bug has caught up with the B-town biggies. There are so many counterfeit accounts in her name that the fans are having a tough time to track the authentic Madhuri and chat with her.

madhuri dixit As per report, Madhuri had joined Twitter on May 30 this year. The verification is taking a lot of time and this is what is both upsetting and annoying her.

She contacted the headquarters in order to get hold of the fake accounts. She says that she would never want her fans to be disappointed by talking to her fake identities. The actress has submitted all the requisite credentials needed for confirmation.

The verification is taking longer than usual, since she’s in the USA.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

MGMT x SKY ferreira

Visual Melody

I remember when they featured her in a late issue of Missbehave. Now she's more grown & definitely making some noise.

These video's are creative & beautiful.

Fifi Lapin Exclusive | Limited Prints

Get some limited prints from Fifi lapin while they last. They already ran out of the one I fancied :/ but I still got a chance to get my hands on one piece of her beautiful art work. I can't wait to add it to my collection.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Lindsay Lohan had her jail sentence due to failure
Lohan failure to admit that I know this sound stupid, but honestly, I think if Lindsay went to jail, that the constant flood of fraud and save to crack daily updates about his life. I was wrong. Because even if you can not see the visual "pleasure", which is in a state of Lindsay on a daily basis, we still have some legal changes. And the news is not good for people to see, crazy, true love, crazy drug forcibly thrown in jail for long. Radar reports that Lindsay had two days beard, and had his prison sentence of two weeks. Lindsay should appear next week, be:
Lindsay Lohan costs is as quick as possible to the plan. has learned that Lindsay only had two days shaved off his sentence. This means that 24 years, the actress left the Lynwood Correctional Facility in late July - far earlier than expected after his sentence was reduced to 90 days. learned exclusively that the judge was up to two days credit for time in custody Lindsay had been contractually agreed. Shawn Chapman Holley Lindsay lawyer presented evidence it was entitled to two days of credit.
In addition, the team hopes that Lindsay will live because of overcrowding of Lynwood. Lindsay is the first August and 2 August will be released which means that 14 days would serve his sentence of 90 days. But now it is in July. Another source said Lindsay team is working to strengthen its official release date forward. It is hoped that the actress could also be published this weekend! "Team Lindsay is doing everything to secure his release from prison this weekend, a source said in the said Lohan. Will not you succeed? Guaranteed, but we think in all, the source said.
[Radar ]   In addition, it was believed that because Lindsay was a special treat in every direction - even on days when no visit to bring the tourists. In prison, seemed relieved Finishing Special (Lindsay finally had a power outage from prison), but the radar reports was from the attorney Lindsay, Shawn Chapman Holley, was to "spend hours" with her in prison yesterday's talk of legal strategy, I think. MA come - Dina and Ali this weekend, so sad. Oh, shit - I just saw this: Some sources in Los Angeles complain that Lindsay could go today. I hope we were just talking about their asses. So Lindsay is under control 24 hours a day because he was self-mutilation. Since his incarceration.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Actor-filmmaker Aamir Khan says he enjoys his own movies

Actor-filmmaker Aamir Khan says he enjoys his own movies because they have universal appeal, something that other films lack. "I only like my movies, which are universal like 3 Idiots, Lagaan or Tare Zameen Par. Other people do not believe in making anymore films which
related storiesare universal. According to me, the only director who caters to the non-multiplex audience is Raju Hirani, others make cinema for cities," Aamir said in an interview on Zee News Celebrity chat show Kahiye Janab to be aired Saturday.

The 45-year-old, who has produced Peepli Live, a satire on farmer's suicides and subsequent media and political response in the country, rues filmmakers ignore rural India.

"There is a clear divide between Bharat (Hindustan) and India. If I were to go to Hollywood to earn my living, I would feel much cut off from my roots, my home in Mumbai. Filmmakers these days no longer care about rural India," he added.

Aamir, who is playing one of the lead actors in Dhobi Ghaat, says getting the role in his wife Kiran Rao's directorial debut was not a cakewalk.

"Kiran is a fantastic director. People think that I am a perfectionist, but I had to go through an audition, to help her decide that I am good for the role and then she cast me. I am one of the four lead actors in the movie"

Saturday, July 24, 2010


I usually buy my purses from Betsey Johnson. I love the girly details that there always adorned with. So today I was looking for similar purses and came across Paul's Boutique. The colors, & details immediately sold me. I knew they had much to offer... they have some lovely purses. What I love most about there piece's is that there not over done. They all have the right touch of sweetness. So I'm sorry BJ but... I'll prolly have an affair with Paul for the time being.

I'll show you what I ordered when it gets here.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sonum Kapoor Like Bikini

Sonam Kapoor firmly established herself as a hot-dresser, with plenty of spunk and chutzpah, and an actress who can hold her own in front of formidable co-stars. She hasn’t looked back after that! With some impressive projects in her kitty, Sonam is now awaiting the release of Aisha, a film produced by her kid sister Rhea. An excited Sonam speaks to NT about sibling revelry, her “dance dilemmas” and future projects.

‘My job's over!’
With Aisha being a family project, isn't she worried about the over-expectations from all quarters? Sonam replies in a cool-as-a-cucumber tone: "Frankly, my job as an actress is over! Now it's the producer's and director's call. But, I really had a great time during the shoot and now I'm very relaxed. So, no fears!”

Bonding time!
But, Rhea being the producer of the film, did badi didi have to toe the line of her younger sis? Getting into a protective mode, Sonam replies: "Rhea knows her job and together we had a blast. As it is, we don’t tread on each other’s toes and seldom have any fights." And what about her brother Harshvardhan? "He's a baby and studying filmmaking abroad." So, will the B'town see the three siblings joining hands for a particular film? The big sis says: "Who knows! But first, Harsh has to finish his education because that's very important."

‘I only compete with myself!’
Sonam’s known for her poise and down-to-earth approach. How does she handle the reports of competition between her and Deepika Padukone? "I only compete with myself! So, I don't pay heed to such reports," says she. But then, why is it that two actresses of same genre, can never be lasting friends. The lady says: “Maybe because they don't have time for each other! That's why all my friends are non-filmi people!"

Looking ahead!
The actresses who's currently shooting in Edinburgh for her film Mausam with Shahid Kapoor, says she’s in love with the Highlands. "The weather in Scotland’s amazing and Shahid’s a superb co-star, who makes you very comfortable. I'm also looking forward to Thank You with Akshay, which’s a fun film."

Style mile!
Her costumes in Saawariya had failed to impress the glamour-hungry tinseltown. Ask her, how did she manage to become a style diva in such a short span, and Sonam replies with a laugh: "I took all the criticism in my stride and worked on my look. Since I love make-up and clothes, it was a cakewalk! I’m happy when people appreciate my dresses, my earrings or hairstyle."

‘My regret!’
Not many know that this glam babe loves to “gate-crash parties" too. She says with a giggle: "Sadly, I don't get to indulge this sport these days!" And what are the other passions that make her go? "I love ballets. Being a trained Kathak dancer, it's unfortunate that I haven't been able to showcase my art in any of my films," she laments.

Bindaas babe!
And what about the reports of “food-stealing sessions” that she, Lisa Haydon, Ira Dubey and Amrita Puri indulged in recently at Rishikesh? She replies rather sheepishly, "Yes, I stole food and sneaked it in my hotel room. Since I didn't have to wear a bikini, unlike other girls, it was OK to binge on food." Does that mean she's averse to wearing bikinis in her films? The lady replies nonchalantly: "I don't mind wearing a bikini, provided the role and the script require it, but not for the heck of it!"

New Collection of Modern Striped Ties

Dear valued customers and reader, we have some more exciting news to share. A few weeks ago we received a new shipment of striped neckties in fresh and bright colors - perfect for the spring and summer fashion. We just finished taking all pictures and have added all ties to our store for purchase.

The six ties below are a brand new collection. What makes these tie so special is the modern and narrow striped pattern that is paired with bright and fresh colors. These are ties that will add a modern, sophisticated touch to any suit while still preserving the professional business look. To see a larger image of each tie, to purchase these ties, and for more tips on how to match each tie, please click on your favorite tie below.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Twilight meets NYLON

& these are a few of my favorite things...

THE BUZZ: Kid Sister on Ima Get Em'

I dont really approve of this song. I don't fancy it at all actually...but our girl Kid Sister is on the track & you know I love me some Kid Sister. Hopefully some one smart out there takes her vocals & puts it on a sticky beat...get emmmmmmm

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kweenz Destroy: 2nd time around...

This time will be even better than the last time. But equally sweet & amazing! This piece on the flyer alone is to die for. I mean who comes with this awesomeness? Indie of course make sure you show major love & have some fun by stopping by the Launch party on the 22nd. Mark your calendars ladies, it's sure to be nothing less than amazing. | No Cover *21Legals only.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

First Flight In Delhi Internation And IGI Airport | July 15,1954 in First Flight | Tor .Com

Air India will provide a hub-and-spoke service by connecting a large number of Indian cities to 22 destinations worldwide, providing passengers seamless transfer from domestic compared to international flights.

First Flight In Delhi Internation And IGI Airport | July 15,1954 in First Flight |Tor.Com

New Delhi: With the first aircraft landing on the newly constructed Terminal 3 of IGI airport to a rousing reception, "said Air India President Arvind Jadhav Wednesday, the national airline will launch new flights by establishing its operations hub here.

The volume was in awe as the four-engine aircraft completed maneuver, which is normally only seen in airshows performed by aerobatic jet pilots.The became popular thanks to its high speed, but a number of accidents in connection with the Comet in 1954 forced the company to take aircraft out of service to fix some design flaws

NEW DELHI July 14, 2010 (AFP) - An Air India aircraft with more than 200 passengers from New York Wednesday was the first commercial aircraft to land at New Delhi's new $ 2,700,000,000 terminal.

1954: Boeing367-80 ade its first flight from Renton Field southeast of Seattle.The Boeing 707 continues to fly active as a KC-135 tankers, and E-3 AWACS of USAF and other air forces around the world.

Eleanor Louise Jackson was in plain steel box time machine. It was the size of a shed, but without a bench or windows. She grabbed the pole with one hand and her purse with the other. It felt that the scan took too long, but she was pretty sure it was her nerves talking.

Well, was there for his taste in reading and vocabulary. Boys of his age was more like reading the penny dreadful than anything else, but all who have parents are saddled with a name that Homer was necessary to be a bit strange.

"Well now, it's kind of you. I am bound for Huffman Prairie." He slid down on the bench and stuck out his hand to offer her a lift. "I am Homer Van Loon."

First Flight In Delhi Internation And IGI Airport | July 15,1954 in First Flight |Tor.Com

First Flight In Delhi Internation And IGI Airport | July 15,1954 in First Flight |Tor.Com

First Flight In Delhi Internation And IGI Airport | July 15,1954 in First Flight |Tor.Com

Nokia Mobile Price List | Nokia C-5 ,E-72,5228 High Performance Mobile Phone

Nokia has a good mobile pricelist.It means a labor class to higher class. And everyone can afford mobile in their choice according Per Market Nokia is the first mobile company price list for all segments their pocket.

Nokia Mobile Price List |Nokia C-5 ,E-72,5228 High Performance Mobile Phone

Nokia Series Mobile Price List:
• E 72 - Rs.18, 200
• Nokia 5228 - 6000
• C-1-00-1750
• C5 - Approximately 8000 /

Nokia E72 is a high performance blackberry style phone is specially built for business and personal use for communication. Receive and send e-mail via Mail for Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes Traveler also from your favorite mail service providers such as hotmail, gmail and yahoo. Of course you can seamlessly chat online with your companies and network of friends internet messengers like GTalk, Yahoo and MSN.

Features are Dual SIM, 1.8 inches TCT screen, FM radio, MP3 ringtones, 3.5mm head jack, long battery life. C1-00 is available in four colors.

The new Nokia 5228 is a low cost version of Nokia 5230 mobile phone phone.Nokia 5228 has a large 3.2-inch touchscreen resistive main difference between Nokia 5230 and Nokia 5228 is that Nokia 5228 is GPS-free version of Nokia 5230 mobile phone. The new Nokia 5228 mobile phone price will be around Rs.6, 000 in India.

This new phone is very convenient to carry, because it is extremely easy (89.3gms) mobile and measures just over 12mm thin and 112mm high. The latest mobile phones can also Blutooth 2.0 with A2DP, GPRS class 32 and FM radio. If you are looking for new 3G phone than Nokia C5 is a good phone with very low costs. Nokia C5 mobile available with price tag of Rs. 7999.00 in India. You can check here technical specifications, phone features, photos, and video demonstrations of the latest Nokia mobile phone C5, as indicated below.

When customers show great interest in the dual SIM mobile phones, leading mobile company Nokia has started production of these mobiles. It has recently introduced four dual sim mobile phones in the C series. Very soon these phones will be available on the market.

Nokia Mobile Price List |Nokia C-5 ,E-72,5228 High Performance Mobile Phone

Nokia Mobile Price List |Nokia C-5 ,E-72,5228 High Performance Mobile Phone

Nokia Mobile Price List |Nokia C-5 ,E-72,5228 High Performance Mobile Phone

Nokia Mobile Price List |Nokia C-5 ,E-72,5228 High Performance Mobile Phone

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kid Cudi + Rostam Batmanglij + Bethany Cosentino

Converse brings three amazing artist together, each from different genre's and mashes them together to make this amazing, hypnotic, fly away type track. This project is something to keep looking forward to, especially if all the songs happen to go something like this..

GO TO to Download the track for free!!!!! ALL SUMMERRRR

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Car Festival 2010 | Japanese Car | Rath Yatra Car Festival | Old Car Festival

The Rath Yatra is also known as Car Festival. An annual festival commemorates the journey of Krishna from Gokul to Mathura.It also symbolizes a journey to light from the dark, which commences on the 2nd day of the bright fortnight in the month of Asadha (June/July).

Car Festival 2010|Japanese Car |Old Car Festival

At the 58th annual Old Car Festival in Greenfield Village at The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI, hundreds of antique autos took to the streets throughout the day and well into the evening. Instead of the usual static display of cars behind ropes, visitors get to see, hear and smell these historic treasures in operation.

Less radically modified 1968-1975 cars had their own class too, where you could see Alfa Giulietta, Triumph TR4 and Lotus Cortina fight for the top three positions, with the rest of the grid filled with Honda S800, Toyota Sports 800.

All in all, a superb event put on by the JCCA, in which you get to see your dream cars put Specifically, 5 years of work and various tests that make the MP4-12C a jewel of auto racing, the most extreme situations were overcome by this “car hinge” as it marks a before and after for the English manufacturer.

It, Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton had the opportunity to climb the legendary Goodwood, and provide attendees the opportunity to see the slender silhouette of the MP4-12C, but above all, enjoy the sound of your V8 twin-turbo 3.8-liter capable of carrying up to 600 horsepower , run by a dual clutch transmission, 7 gears. I leave the video after the jump, more than McLaren.

A few days ago enjoyed the ascent of Italia Ferrari 458 in the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2010, a car that pays tribute to his birthplace and represents the work of many years, besides the history and passion of Ferrari. Than its counterpart and rival, the McLaren MP4-12C also had their turn at the event, and is another car that has been developed by effort and dedication .

Car Festival 2010|Japanese Car |Old Car Festival

Car Festival 2010|Japanese Car |Old Car Festival

Car Festival 2010|Japanese Car |Old Car Festival

Car Festival 2010|Japanese Car |Old Car Festival

Car Festival 2010|Japanese Car |Old Car Festival

Car Festival 2010|Japanese Car |Old Car Festival

Car Festival 2010|Japanese Car |Old Car Festival

Car Festival 2010|Japanese Car |Old Car Festival

Monday, July 12, 2010

FIFA World Cup Football : 2010 | TOP 10 Goals

Best Player Young : Thomas Muller was the instant favorite to win this award. In fact, there are two other members of the FIFA shortlist to Giovani Dos Santos and Andre Ayew not even come close to claim the prize. No doubt, Dos Santos and Ayew showed his talent, but it was a young German, who won the title scoring 5 goals and making three assists.

World Cup 2010 result, Spain has beaten the Netherlands 1:00 2010 World Cup final after 120 minutes at the Soccer City Stadium in Johannesburg. After a score less draw in regular time, took Spanish and Dutch in a 30-minute extra time.

German boy, Thomas Muller has won the Golden Boot of the FIFA World Cup 2010. The 20-year-old Bayern Munich prodigy has clinched the award with five goals and three assists to his name Villa won the Silver Boot as he played less time than the Bronze Boot winner Sneijder.

The five best players, who took the most shots on goal is Ghana Asmoah Gyan, who took 33 shots on goal. David Viilla, Diego Forlan took both 32, and Argentina's Lionel Messi took 30 shots. Wesley Sneijder was 27 shots during the contest. Lionel Messi is the unluckiest in this group when he was unable to convert any of these images for a goal during this World Cup.

Holland vs SPAIN! And Safari to beautiful South Africa and the world. Welcome to the 2 by 2 Holidays - specialists in travel to South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique, Madagascar and Mauritius World Cup Final 2010 - Soccer City Stadium - Johannesburg, South Africa vs Holland. Spain - July 11 7:30 700 million people worldwide expected to watch today's 2010 World Cup final in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Tata Sky:Blocks Fifa World Cup Final on ESPN HD|Dish TV vs. Tata Sky

After the excellent TV ad for Safina / Airtel DTH [video] that talked about a program from mobile released, TataSky a PR who said its subscribers can now start recording from their mobile and internet. I called TataSky immediately and they said very soon feature will be launched in April 2010. So far it has not yet been released. A kind of deceptive PR.

But when you pay Rs. 2700 to buy an HD box to watch only four channels, all you want the service will be delivered as promised. Not sure about other DTH providers, but at least Tata Sky has not kept its commitment to good. Tata Sky sold its HD set-top boxes with a insurance to show Wimbledon and the 2010FIFA World Cup Matches Live on HD. To see these games in HD was pretty impressive, with crystal clear images and super sound.
Everyone could see the canal was a message that says "This channel is not part of your subscription.

Now July 11, just before the extra time was about to end in FIFA World Cup final between Spain and the Netherlands, Tata Sky blocked its ESPN HD channel.So if you plan to buy the HD box, do well, as the price of Rs . 2600, you will only get two channels: Nat Geo HD and Discovery HD.

Audio signal on all five HD channels, Dolby 5.1 via SPDIF. But Star Sports HD and Discovery HD only tele casting in 5.1. NGC HD, ESPN HD and HD Showcase is MONO.Remote is almost half the size of SD Remote and look good in black color and very good and convenient remote control.

For those who used the "favorite channel" in the TataSky remote, everything is gone. We lost all these "avorite channels. Got sit and program it again. with greater emphasis on new technology. The DVR recording and MPEG-4 compression), satellite TV seems to be uninterested in now,but with more and more people switch to Tata Sky, they must take drastic measures soon.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

John Abraham is truly impressed with Deepika Padukone

John Abraham is truly impressed with Deepika Padukone. He is totally smitten by Deepika Padukone’s beauty and attitude. He has become an ardent fan of the actress. He complimented the way she carries herself. John feels that Dips is a perfect combination of beauty and brain and possess all the qualities to beat any Bollywood actresses.

The hunk will star opposite Dips in Rohit Dhawan’s ‘Desi Boys’. As john has showered all flowery comments over the ‘Om Shanti Om’ actress, he has given his girlfriend Bipasha Basu a reason to feel jealous. But we also now that Bips is not narrow minded to take John’s comments in the wrong sense.

John and Bips has spend several years together and the couple hardly left any room for doubts.

Well, Deepika might be overwhelmed with John’s admiration.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kerin Rose x 21-7magazine

Don't forget to check out Kerin Rose's dope interview with 21-7 magazine! Ugh, I wish you guys could of been in her amazing "Dazzle House" with me. Kerin is such a sweet humble pie, and oh so funny!
If for some reason you've been under a rock and don`t know who she is, she's the one who designed Rihanna's crazy eyewear in "Run this town" video. And her stuff can also be seen in Lady GaGa's 'Alejandro' && on Snoop Dogg just to name a few ;)

Check out a behind the scenes video and you can see me doing her makeup hehe.

&& click here for the interview =)

I promise you it's worth the read!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lindsay Lohan crack tears earn 90 days in jail
What I like Judge Marsha Revel? I send her flowers. I liked that Revel is not SH-T. I love that Lindsay goes to jail. For 90 days. It is not mandatory 90 days in jail and after rehabilitation. And true test. I liked the list of recycling scams J. Revel crack addict Lindsay.
He said his mother's voice! Oooh, I loved the reference coke pants? And Lindsay cry all the time! Also - Lindsay should not lie down for two weeks, and go his lawyer called SCRAM Lindsay at this time in retirement.
Meaning Lindsay wanted to party and get drunk and smoke crack before he was jailed. Crackhead was rejected! The judge knew what was going on! This leaves SCRAM. So like, yeah, I feel a Spaz - Lindsay Lohan was found in violation of his probation and was allowed to make a statement to crack wanted to sue the court. One could safely say two things: 1. Lindsay believes that to crack the tears of his best performance.
2nd Crying because someone dared to call his delirium bullsh-t, because I really feel any of his antics crack. I began to feel that Lindsay was going to jail, when it became clear that the prosecutor and the judge wanted her ass. And the eyes and the tears back even more dramatic when the judge his voice Revel mom Lindsay was announced to jail for 30 days to do it, why 30 days and 30 days for a liar Crack Head.
I wanted to mention a few things - like a madman and dependent on crack, have been full of the Declaration of Lindsay? Some commentators have stressed that the trip "to Morocco, where he was" working with children.
"Really?" It is a appearance in a hotel made, he tried to bone Gerard Butler ("the chidlren!") But I'm big. India mean, not Morocco? And all this SH-T support on your "work" and "really? Oh, Lindsay and actually had to be trained in the behavior test. The drawing and writing, the sum of attention deficit disregard for his environment spastic eye rolling and pouting and should stop blowing. NOW. It. We hope. We spend 90 days in jail, okay? I will update!.