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fire sword canvas

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Twilight: Eclipse "Black Carpet"

Here's the stars of Eclipse at the World Premiere of the upcoming movie. I have to say, I'm def. Team Kristin. Can't wait to see this.. I know every theater will be crazyyy on the 30th.

Why King Khan is Losing His Friend Salman

While a major chunk of the filmdom is quite evidently divided into the respective camps of Shah Rukh and Salman, the latter seems to be winning the ongoing cold war between them. If the latest reports are to be believed, SRK has apparently lost some of his closest friends to Sallu’s league!

Last year, friends-turned-rivals Shahrukh and Salman shared some hot arguments on Katrina's birthday party.Commenting on Sharukh's TV shows 'Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain', Salman abruptly said that although Shahrukh is a superstar, he didn't succeed in making shows popular.

Shahrukh, who was present in the party along with his wife Guari Khan and friend Karan Johar, didn't react on Salman's teasing. On getting irritated, SRK too commented on Salman's ex girfriend Aishwarya.

But sources familiar with the matter have revealed, “SRK is busy in holidaying with his family in Turkey, and his friends just casually hang out with Sallu bhai.”

Twilight: Eclipse World Premiere

Check our the Live Stream from the World Premiere of Eclipse. It's streaming now so don't miss out on all your favorite fellas strolling by on the red carpet. 5 more days until it hit's theaters.

Some of My Favorite Fellas: Grown Ups

The gang is back. I hope this movie doesnt dissapoint!

so i bite my tongue...

But YOU KNOW, YOU KNOW by Drake (free download= right click + save as)

Bollywood Hero Imran Khan Love Romantic Comedy

Imran Khan looks every bit a chocolate boy, a tag that he has been given and lived up to in his first film "Jaane Tu...Ya Jaane Na". Up next is another romantic comedy "I Hate Luv Storys" and the actor says he loves doing love stories as they are great fun and also provide greater scope to showcase his acting skills.

"As an actor when you are working in a romantic film, it's more fun. In action films, there is very less acting. There we are usually running, fighting, jumping or falling... so very less space for acting is left," Imran told IANS in an interview.

"But the romantic and comedy films are more dependent on actors - how you say a particular line with correct expression is important. So there is more acting involved," he said.

After playing a loveable character in "Jaane Tu...", a kidnapper in "Kidnap" and a gambler in "Luck", the 27-year-old will be seen as a womaniser in his forthcoming movie.

Produced by Karan Johar's Dharma Productions, "I Hate Luv Storys" has been directed by debutant Punit Malhotra.

Though in real life he is a one-woman man, Imran didn't find it tough playing a casanova.

"It was not tough because the script was very nice and Punit Malhotra had given me a thorough character sketch. So for me, it was not a hard role. The humour in the film is cheeky," said Imran, who is engaged to long-time sweetheart Avantika Malik.

Imran says most of his movies have been with first-time directors.

"I have done six films till date, only three have released. Among those six, four were with first-time directors. When I work with new directors, we think on the same lines... and we speak the same language. Punit is two years older to me; so when I met him I felt that his thought process, his tastes match mine...This is a young film for people of our age," he said.

Releasing July 2, the film revolves around Jay (Imran) and Simran (Sonam Kapoor), who are complete opposites when it comes to romance. While Jay doesn't believe in love, Simran swears by it and is quite 'filmy' about the idea of romance. In the film, both of them work for a well-known director (Sameer Soni) who specialises in grand romantic potboilers.

"Sameer's character is somewhat inspired by Karan Johar," said Imran, who wanted a Hindi title for the film.

"I always felt that it should be a Hindi title. I told Punit and Karan to give some Hindi title to the film so that it reaches a bigger audience, but we could never find a good title in Hindi," he said.

Asked how much influence uncle Aamir Khan exercised in his life, he said: "As a person he has influenced me a lot. He is very particular that he must do the right thing. But he has always said that I have to learn by myself - make mistakes and learn from it and when you succeed yourself, it will be better. "

Imran's next, "Break Ke Baad", is also a romantic movie for which he has teamed up with Deepika Padukone.

"It's a romantic film but not like 'I Hate...'. It's about romance and growing up. It shows how a young couple matures in love and their life when they are adults."

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A good time with Drake.

I'm mad at who ever recorded this whole thing sideways :/. Still love it, this is my jam. viabonnieblunts

Kate Gosselin: Landscaping Lady

Kate Gosselin: Landscaping Lady:
kate gosselin reading smiley Kate Gosselin: Landscaping Lady


Looking to spruce up her home’s landscape, Kate Gosselin was spotted having some large plants delivered to her Reading, Pennsylvania home today (June 23).

The “Jon and Kate Plus 8” babe looked summertime sexy as she stood outside her house, sporting a white cover-up overtop her bathing suit.

And it sounds like Kate may have some competition from her ex-husband Jon in the dancing realm.

Mr. Gosselin told press that he is a much better dancer than Kate, and he’d love a chance to prove it on “Dancing With the Stars.”

Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart: Wedding Details

Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart: Wedding Details:
harrison calista wedding details Harrison Ford and Calista  Flockhart: Wedding Details


Some celebrities spend tens of thousands of dollars on their wedding ensembles, but Harrison Ford decided to keep it simple and inexpensive.

The “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” actor opted for a pair of Wrangler jeans when he tied the knot with longtime girlfriend Calista Flockhart.

Ms. Flockhart also took the casual route in selecting her attire – she wore a white sundress to the understated ceremony, held at the mansion of Governor Bill Richardson.

Bernie Pollack, a friend of the couple, told press, “They’re both honest in their approach to life and to each other. This [marriage] will only enhance what they already had.”

Leighton Meester: Enjoying the beautiful summer weather

Leighton Meester: Enjoying the beautiful summer weather:
leighton meester pere cemetery Leighton Meester: Enjoying the  beautiful summer weather


Enjoying the beautiful summer weather, Leighton Meester was spotted out and about in Paris, France this afternoon (June 23).

The “Gossip Girl” actress was joined by her handsome boyfriend as she strolled around the Pere Lachaise cemetery in the City of Lights.

Leighton is in Paris to film her new movie “Monte Carlo” along with Selena Gomez and Katie Cassidy.

Due in theaters in February 2011, “Monte Carlo” is about three young women vacationing in Paris who find themselves whisked away to Monte Carlo after one of the girls is mistaken for a British heiress.

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher have a date for their weddi

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher have a date for their weddi:
carrie underwood wedding details 0 Carrie Underwood and Mike  Fisher have a date for their wedding


She’s been nonchalant about details so far, but it was recently confirmed that Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher have a date for their wedding.

The “Cowboy Casanova” singer revealed to Life & Style that she will be tying the knot with her hockey player beau on July 10th.

As for the honeymoon? “I don’t where it is,” Carrie confesses. “That was Mike’s project.”

But word has it, the newlyweds will be jetting off to Tahiti and Bora Bora.

In other news, Ms Underwood took the stage at Nashville Rising: A Benefit For Flood Recovery last night (June 22) for a very special performance in an effort to raise money for flood relief.

Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough: Getting Serious

Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough: Getting Serious:
julianne ryan heat up Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough: Getting  Serious


They’ve been trying to keep their romance under the radar, but Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough are reportedly getting more serious about each other.

According to an insider, the media personality and the country songstress are gradually moving up in their commitment to each other.

The source explained, “Things have gotten more serious over the last month. They’re perfect for each other.”

Earlier this month, Seacrest flew out to Nashville, Tennessee to see Julianne perform as part of the CMA Music Festival.

“Ryan was adamant he didn’t want anyone to know he was in Nashville to see Julianne. Because their relationship is still in its early stages and Ryan really, really likes her. Ryan was so excited to see Julianne that during the 10 minutes it took to get [to the show], Ryan was fixing his hair and making sure he looked perfect to see her.”

Gary Lawyer: Coleman and Shannon Price had more issues

Gary Lawyer: Coleman and Shannon Price had more issues:
gary coleman wife abusive Gary Lawyer: Coleman and Shannon Price  had more issues


Their marriage was certainly not a typical one, and it sounds like Gary Coleman and Shannon Price had more issues than anyone knew.

The late Coleman’s attorney, Randy Kester, says Price was often abusive toward him, calling him “stupid” and making comments about his height.

In an exclusive video interview with Radar Online, Kester also said, “Shannon would demean him and say very personal things about him in public… she would frequently call him stupid.”

Furthermore, Randy added that the couple did not sleep together and had separate bedrooms in their Santaquin, Utah, home, at the end of Coleman’s life.

Jake Pavelka: Jake Pavelka is speaking up

Jake Pavelka: Jake Pavelka is speaking up:
jake pavelka upset Jake Pavelka: Jake Pavelka is speaking up


It’s one of the most-talked-about breakups in recent memory and Jake Pavelka is speaking up about his split with Vienna Girardi.

The “Bachelor” stud said his ex-fiancĂ©e was in search of fame and relied on him for everything rather than supporting herself.

Jake explained, “She was watching these doors open for me and it was causing an intense amount of jealousy.”

Pavelka also noted that he paid for everything while Vienna “slept in until 10:30 am every day.” He added, “I do want to get married, but I want to marry the right girl.”

iMu Vibrating Speaker Released In Japan

iMu Vibrating Speaker Released In Japan:
iMu Vibrating Speaker iMu Vibrating Speaker Released In Japan


The iMu Vibrating Speaker is now available in Japan via Thanko. The tiny speaker uses the vibration-based technology to convert any flat and hard surface into a speaker. The gadget comes equipped with a USB port and a 3.5mm audio input. The iMu Vibrating Speaker retails for 4,280 Yen ($47).

Etymotic Releases New Earphones And Headphones

Etymotic Releases New Earphones And Headphones:
Etymotic mc5 Etymotic Releases New Earphones And Headphones


After releasing the Etymotic ER-200 personal noise dosimeter earlier this year, the company comes back with their latest earphones and headphones. The Etymotic hf3 headset for the iPod, iPhone and iPad provides the best accuracy and noise reduction in its class. It has a three-button in-line remote and a built-in microphone for holding conversations and controlling music or calls. Available in three different colors, the Etymotic hf3 retails for $179. Each purchase comes with four eartips.

Priced at $129, the Etymotic etyBLU2 Bluetooth headset provides 30dB of noise cancellation at the microphone and at the ear for clear conversations when speaking or listening. This headset also has a flexible boom and a bi-directional microphone. What’s more, the etyBLU2 also adopts the multi-point technology to pair with up to two Bluetooth handsets simultaneously. The entry-level MC-5 earphones and MC-3 headset provide a unique chamber design for improved dynamics that acts like a three-band equalizer. They are priced at $79 and $99, respectively.

The Shuttle X350 Mini PC is Going to Be the One to Beat

The Shuttle X350 Mini PC is Going to Be the One to Beat:
shuttle xs350 mini pc 450x450 The Shuttle X350 Mini PC is Going to  Be the One to Beat


Shuttle is about to release a new Mini PC, which is said to be setting the benchmark for all other Mini PCs in the future. It is only 1.5 inches thin but don’t let that fool you, this thing is a powerhouse. It will be easy to mount behind a flat panel display and will run silently because ti has no cooling fan. It will pack in a dual core Atom D510 processor and you will also get an optical drive along with the next generation NVIDIA Ion graphics chipset for full HD playback.

The Sony 1.2kWh-class Energy Storage Module Packs Some Inter

The Sony 1.2kWh-class Energy Storage Module Packs Some Inter:

The Sony 1.2kWh-class Energy Storage Module Packs Some Interesting  New Technology

It is always interesting to track the advancements of battery technology and Sony has just released a really interesting new 1.2kWh-class Energy Storage Module. The most notable feature here is the use of li-ion rechargeable batteries that have cathodes made from a material called “olivine-type lithium iron phosphate cell”. This will allow for higher power output, long life performance and excellent thermal stability. The device will be able to be used as a supplement to stationary power supplies for data servers or as a backup supply for mobile phone wireless base stations.

Nepali beauty Manisha Koirala exchanges wedding vows

Nepali beauty Manisha Koirala exchanges wedding vows:
manisha wedding Nepali beauty Manisha Koirala exchanges wedding  vows


Finally, Nepali beauty Manisha Koirala has settled down in life after tying the knot with the Nepal-based entrepreneur Samrat Dahal in a traditional ceremony in Kathmandu on Friday. The function which was a private and a closed affari with close friends and well-wsihers took place at the the Gokarna forest resort, 10 km east of the capital. Manisha looked very much a coy bride in a yellow saree. She garlanded Samrat and exchanged rings as priests recited Vedic mantra. Besides parents and close relatives, Bollywood biggies like actors Suman Ranganathan; Manisha’s co-star in her debut film Saudagar, Vivek Mushram; and Govinda’s wife Sunita also attended the ceremony.

Later a grand wedding reception took place in which big shots from Nepal politics and Indian film industry participated. The team of offers best of wishes for a very happy married life to this beautiful actress who has delivered some menorable films to this industry.

0 Lara Dutta and Mahesh Bhupathi hunting for a love nest?

0 Lara Dutta and Mahesh Bhupathi hunting for a love nest?:
lara dutta mahesh Lara Dutta and Mahesh Bhupathi hunting for a  love nest?


Off and again, Lara Dutta has been linked with Mahesh Bhupathi. In fact, Bhupathi was claimed to be the apparent reason behind Lara dumping off Dino Morea and Lara has been held responsible for havoc in Bhupathi’s married life. The inside sources also claim that Mahesh and Lara are very close to living in together and some also claim that the love birds are hunting for a private and cozy nest for themselves.

These days, however, Bhupathi’s wife, Shvetha Jaishankar, denies that she ever wanted a divorce. Shvetha told daily newspaper DNA, “Although I would not like to delve into my personal matters…I wish to clarify that the reference to me filing for a divorce is false. There is no question of differences arising over my role in the company.”

Nevertheless, the editor of Savvy magazine, Andrea Costabir, continues to stand with her story of the irreconcilable differences between Mahesh and Shvetha, saying that the marriage was definitely headed for Splitville.

Lara Dutta was, however, unavailable for the comment.

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MOB x Lacoste Collab.

Lacoste x Mob collab.
Who knew that women's street wear would one day collab. with brands such as Vans, Lacoste, & so many other brands that fly through my memory. The ladies of the street wear scene continue to step it up. Now MOB & Lacoste got hot & heavy and created this t-shirt. The drop date is in July & will be available in some lucky Lacoste store & of course online via MTTM.

YRB Magazine: "Coming Up Rose"

Amber Rose has definitely come up from being just Kanye West's arm piece. The trendsetter is featured in YRB Magazine with HAIR!! Giving love to Marilyn Monroe, the girl is a killer! She gives us an insight on her favorite fashion designers and even her relationships with men and women. Click HERE for the entire interview.

Just a little Peek: MOB Fall 2010

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Sharukh Khan celebrates Father’s Day with their children

Bollywood Badshah Sharukh Khan is the perfect on-screen lover, but he is the perfect dad off screen. Shahrukh said that fathers are generally seen as potential risks for participants and their loving children. Shahrukh Khan tweets who loved his children on Father’s Day. He spat out the competition and the Titanic was a joke with their child.

SRK celebrates Father’s Day with their children

Sharukh said that any man can be a father but it takes time to be a father. It is the best father to his children, Aryan and Suhana. A display on screen, he was a loving father, as in movies, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham.

He said it was not easy, but that will appreciate in all of these fathers day fathers are more and more concern and care for children. Learn more about your favorite celebrities. Read Shahrukh Khan horoscope.

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr Get Engaged!

Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr Get Engaged!:

miranda orly engagement Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr Get  Engaged!

They’ve been one of Hollywood’s hottest couples for years, and now Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr are engaged to be married.

The “Pirates of the Caribbean” stud’s rep confirmed to the press that after three years of dating Orly and Miranda will be hearing wedding bells.

In a past interview, Miss Kerr was dodgy about her marriage plans with Bloom, though she acknowledged that their relationship had a future.

“He’s a sweetheart and that’s all I’m gonna say. My ideal situation would be to live on a farm in a solar-powered house with a hammock and a vegetable patch. When this is all over, that’s where I’ll be. I’ve always wanted kids, so someday, eventually, yes, it will happen.”

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner Swing Through Sweden

Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner Swing Through Sweden:

kristen taylor sweden swingers Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner  Swing Through Sweden

They’ve been going non-stop on the promotional trail, and earlier today (June 21) Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner were spotted at a photo call for “Eclipse” in Stockholm, Sweden.

The “New Moon” costars were in good spirits as they posed for the paparazzi and waved to fans during the press event.

In a recent interview, Kristen gave a teaser regarding her wedding dress in the forthcoming “Breaking Dawn” films.

She explained, “Stephanie [Meyer] is absolutely in charge of that. I’m sure she has really specific ideas. I haven’t really thought about it but I feel like she would definitely want something classic, simple but beautiful.”

“She [Bella] doesn’t want to get married and because it means so much to Edward, and since she’s gonna go ahead and go through with it, she’s gonna give him everything, like a beautiful monumental wedding because he wants it so badly. Which exactly the opposite. Usually the girl wants it. I think that’s cute.”

Madonna’s Home Improvement Project

Madonna’s Home Improvement Project:

madonna renovating Madonnas Home Improvement Project

Lots of people start new projects on their home in the summertime, and it seems Madonna is jumping on the home improvement bandwagon.

The Material Girl is reportedly adding a new floor to her $32 million townhouse on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, designed to hold her gym equipment.

According to an inside source, Madge will add 1,614 square feet to the property, for a total of 13,847 square feet.

In addition to the gym area, Madonna is also putting in a playroom and a wine cellar, all to the tune of $1.7 million.

Remember the 80's:

It was the decade of decadence, reminiscent of the Roaring 20's. New clothes, new music and new dances arrived on the scene one right after the other. The women wore leg warmers and the men wore skinny ties. Ronald Reagan was president and the Berlin wall came down. The music was some of the best since the 1950's, and it seemed everyone was carefree. The clothing definitely matched the attitudes of the day, covering everything from neon bright colors to parachute pants.

Most Popular 80's Men's Fashion:

Power Dressing:
While the women were wearing shoulder pads to look more masculine, men discovered pinstripes again. Suits were made of natural materials, such as wool, cotton and silk, an image of higher quality. The pinstripes were not as wide as those from the 1930's and 1940's but very similar to pinstripes from the 1970's.

Three-piece suits were not popular and lapels on suit jackets became narrower. Neckties lost weight and became skinny; some of the leather ties were a mere thin strap, which can be seen in movies like Footloose.

Miami Vice:
Love color? The 1980's were full of bright colors, even in men's fashion. Men began to adapt the look from Miami Vice, a hit television series starring Don Johnson. This look paired a casual T-shirt with a suit jacket, typically worn open. The T-shirt colors were anything from pastel to coral and the suit was typically white. This look also featured loafers worn without socks.

Most people have probably seen the video and dance in the movie 13 Going on 30, and there are many popular parodies and clips on YouTube, but did you know that the Thriller video, released in 1982, inspired a whole new fashion craze in 80's men's fashion? Teenagers tried to emulate Michael Jackson by wearing matching black (or red) leather pants and leather jackets, a single glove and sunglasses. In fact, many teenagers wore their sunglasses even after dark, which was popularized by song lyrics such as "I wear my sunglasses at night". Later in the 1980's, brown leather aviator jackets, replicated after the World War II fighter pilot jackets, became popular.

Conservatism was in and actors such as Michael J. Fox, who played the preppy Alex P. Keaton on Family Ties, wore looks that were conservative. The preppy look was characterized by polo shirts in specific brands, such as Izod, Brooks Brothers, and Polo Ralph Lauren. Khakis, argyle sweaters and loafers completed the look. The sweaters could be monogrammed with the wearer's initials, and worn tied around the shoulders.

Sports suits by companies such as Adidas were popular as well. Many people were into fitness and sports, and people were very loyal to particular brands. This seemed to taper off in the late 1980's and many of these brands have never quite regained the same popularity as they once had.

The long, thick sideburns of the 1970's went out of style in 1980's men's fashion. Big hair was in, for both men and women. Styling mousse became as necessary as a big comb to fluff your feathered bangs. From 1984 to 1986, sideburns came back but were short and thin, as opposed to the longer, thicker sideburns of the 1970's. While mullets were popular in suburbia, a more professional look was required of businessmen, who wore very short hair. In the late 80's in men's fashion, it was not popular to part the hair.

Teens loved the color and functional style of Swatches. Also arriving on the scene was the Seiko Television Watch. This nifty little gadget allowed the wearer to watch TV on the run, and was symbolic of the fast pace and burgeoning technology of the day.

Although some of the fashions from the 80's probably shouldn't be repeated, there are many interesting looks from which to choose. Try adding just one or two features, such as a skinny tie or a white jacket over a T-shirt to create a unique, retro look.

Priyanka will join the team of RACE2

Priyanka Chopra hot 200x292 The sexy star Priyanka Chopra is also going to join the team of Race 2 very soon.

On the replacement of original stars Katrina and Bipasha, a source said, “Katrina’s not being in the film was almost certain as she was shown dead in the earlier film. But, the reason behind Bipasha’s replacement is not evident yet.”

According to a close friend of Priyanka, “At present, Priyanka needs to complete her film Saat Khoon Maaf by Vishal Bharadwaj. Then she has pending work of Don 2 and the TV series ‘Fear factor 3’ in Colors. However, she is very excited about her role in Race 2 and is trying to set dates for it.”

The sources say that directors Abbas-Mustan and producer Ramesh Taurani are trying to make the sequel sexier than the first movie. However, Taurani denied any such plan.

Well, the presence of Bollywood’s two hottest heroines already makes the film a hot pick. We just hope that both the ladies gel well with each other in the film forgetting their past bitterness so that the audience can get to see a good chemistry between them!

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Latin Pop Singer Shakira Entered in Bollywood

Bollywood seems to be attracting musicians from abroad.

Samantha Fox did it in Rock Dancer in 1995. Kylie Minogue did it in Blue. Akon will be seen soon in Ra.One and now you can add one more name to the list of Western artists making appearances in Bollywood. The latest is the Waka Waka sexy singer Shakira who is all ready to shake her famous hips in B-Town.

Shakira is no stranger to India. She had performed live in Mumbai and other cities back in 2007. She also has repeatedly expressed her desire to be a part of Bollywood.

Bollywood famous musician Salim & Sulaiman who are currently enjoying fame and adulation for their composition for the World Cup opening ceremony will be composing the track for Shakira. And if the buzz is correct we will see Shakira shake those adored hips for a cabaret song.

According to the song will be shot on South African Playboy queen & model Candice Boucher for the film featuring the IPL owner and entrepreneur Sachin Joshi. The film is expected to be recorded in the next couple of months.The lyrics would be in English with a smattering of simple Hindi.

The film will be shot in Germany, Prague, Morocco and China. Percept Pictures are looking to release the film in the summer of 2011.

Salim has confirmed the news. 'It would be a very sensuous, cabaret kind of a song,' the website reported him as saying.

More Soniya Photos

As promised, here are more photos of the gorgeous Nepali model Soniya. Check out the original wallpaper size photos here. These are in reduced quality.

The rest of the images of Soniya with horrible watermarks...