Wednesday, March 31, 2010

USA Top Jewellery Store/Company List

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Hello friends.. how Are You??
Now i am going to tell you something related to USA jewellery, available stores of jewellery in USA and many more...
Do you like to real and get informed about it??
ok ok..
So what do you think about USA jewellery shops or stores and their quality??
Do you know that there are many jewellery shops/Companies in America who are sale lower quality jewellery in high price??
So be careful in purchasing jewellery in USA.
I have heared about many jewellery shops who are chit with their clients. They sell Lower Quality jewellery to customer and then not get responsible for their quality..
But not all stores are like this. many shops are also sale higher quality jewellery in resonable price. They gives quality to
customer against their money.
Do you know from where Hollywood celebrities, Rich Peoples, Business man purchase their jewellery?
Do you know how they choose these stores to purchase jewellery?
Be not confuse....
I have a list of Top USA jewellery Stores from where they purchase their jewellery. Just go on their site and read about

their Qualities, Responsibilities and Why they Famous in all over the world...
Here is the list of Top USA jewellery Shops/Company... Go on their site and Get informed and Buy your favorite jewellery.
you can get many verities from there to Purchase.

Here is List of Types of Jewellery
Antique jewellery, Custom Jewellery, Bead jewellery, Bangles, Bridal jewellery, Custom jewellery, Fashion jewellery, Filigree jewellery, Bracelets, Gold jewellery, Handmade jewellery, Pearl Jewellery, Coconut Wood Jewellery, Ivory jewellery, Earrings, Jadau jewellery, Kundan jewellery, Jewellery Sets, Lac jewellery Necklaces, Opals Jewellery, Meenakari jewellery, Navratna jewellery, Pearl Jewellery, Pachchikam Jewelry, Pendants, Silver jewellery, Ruby Jewellery, Stone jewellery, Rings, Temple jewellery, Tribal jewellery, Emeralds Jewellery, Wedding Jewellery, Fine Jewellery, OM Jewellery, Medical Alert Jewellery, PA Jewellery, Designer Diamond Necklace, Prayer jewellery, Orelia Jewellery, Jewellery for Daily Wear, Diamonds Jewellery, Rice Jewellery, Irish Wedding Rings, Moissanite Jewellery, Ceramic Jewellery, Sapphire Jewellery, Celtic Jewellery, Oxidized Jewellery, New Age Jewellery, Aquamarines Jewellery, Costume Jewellery, Terracotta Jewellery, Medieval Jewellery, Victorian Jewellery, Jewellery for Babies, Art Deco Jewellery, Vintage Jewellery, Jewellery Gifts, Men's Jewellery, Dog Jewellery, Jewellery Watches, Gift Jewellery, Religious Jewellery, Personalized Jewellery, Wedding Jewellery, Beaded Jewellery, Designer Jewellery, Jewellery for Hair, Artificial Jewellery, Jewellery for Head, Display Jewellery, Egyptian jewellery, Jewellery for Arms, Cheap Jewellery, Jewellery for Hands, Pilgrim Jewellery, Jewellery for Body, Fashion Jewellery, Jewellery for Legs and Feet, Kids Jewellery, Pewter Jewellery, Ancient Jewellery, Jewellery Tumbler, Jewellery Stands, Children Jewellery, Bulgari Jewellery, Jewellery Box

List of Top USA jewellery Shops

Belden Jewelers

De Beers


Gordons Jewelers

Hearts on Fire

Jaclyn Mayer

Jill Alberts

Kay Jewelers


Lazared Diamonds

Liz Palacios


Novell Design Studio

Scott Kay

Simon G Jewelry

Speak Gold


Whitehall Co. Jewelers


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