Tuesday, March 30, 2010

UK Top jewelry store List

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Hello Friends
Do you like to wear jewelry?
Do you like to purchase jewelry ?
Do you want to know from where Hollywood Celebrities Purchase there jewelry?
Why they Purchase from these stores?
Do you want to know which is the famous jewelry store in UK where you can find jewelry in reliable rate and good quality?
All these questions answer is here..
visit these stores sites and get information about them.
Now a time there are many stores in UK who sale jewelry with low quality and in higher rates.
If you are live in UK then here is list of jewelry store with their web site address.
All these are those jewelry store, from where most celebrities purchase their favorite jewelry.
All these stores are Hollywood celebrities favorite stores to buy jewelry.
These are the famous stores in UK.
also all these stores are reliable in rate and quality.
These are those store where you can find many varieties of jewelry and many types of jewelry. someone types of jewelry are i have described here..

List of Types of jewelry
Enamel jewelry, Diamond jewelry, Bone and Horn jewelry, Body piercing jewelry, Leather jewelry, Quill jewelry, Wooden jewelry, Shell jewelry, Nose piercing jewelry, Designer jewelry, Shellac jewelry, Beaded jewelry, Kundan jewelry, Plastic jewelry, Resin jewelry, Acrylic jewelry, Art-tech jewelry, Back line jewelry, Genital jewelry, Glass jewelry, Crystal jewelry, Genital jewelry, Ivory jewelry, Rice jewelry, Nipple piercing jewelry, Ceramic jewelry, Rubber jewelry, Oxidized jewelry, Terracotta jewelry, Designer jewelry, Prayer jewellery, Custom jewelry, Stone jewelry, Tribal jewelry, Platinum jewelry, Silver jewelry, Gold jewelry,
so go on and enjoy online shopping...

1. Goldsmiths

2. Kabiri

3. Goldsmiths Outlet

4. Asanti

5. Great Value Gold

6. Jewellery247.co.uk

7. Not Just Gold

8. Gold UK

9. Cool Diamonds

10. SDK Jewellers

11. Gold.uk.net

12. Jewellery Catalogue

13. BMG Designer Body Jewellery

14. JewelleryForAll.com

15. Lets Buy Gold

16. Goldfactory

17. British Jewellery Workshops

18. Gold Bargain

19. Gladstone Jewellery

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