Friday, February 12, 2010

"i love it when you call me cupcake mama"

Ello I'm Rissa.... I'm more than humbled to be a part of the Don't Trip..Yet family.. it's been a little over a year i have been religiously following this blog and secretly crushing DT..Y like no other blog crush..."I'm excited much to be apart of a collective of some of the finest, baddest, yet sweetest ladies." Ladies who blog exactly what a modern go-getter is looking for in her daily reads... i'm happy that DT..Y has tagged me along Yay!! application free simply picked up thru a cute little email... so happy to cater 564 followers with good reads..... I will treat DT..Y as my sweet little escape, from my personal blog escaping personal thangs. Well i guess you can catch me snugged up in my hello kitty snuggie, on that vampire schedule, nails fairly did with my un-matching socks, procrastinating yet crafting til the sun comes up, cupcake, and tea at hand... blogging some of my silliest rants and sappiest moments... painting pictures and taking you musically thru some of my favorite things... ...i can't promise you exactly what i'll be bringing to the table but i promise you with sprinkles &love i'll soften that hustle and sweeten that soul...

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