Thursday, February 25, 2010

Complex Magazine: Kelis

Kelis is back on the scene and she is featured in the February/March issue of Complex Magazine. The outspoken new mom talks Fashion, Music, Kids and beauty, Honey is gorgeous!


I love Tabi Bonney, I think his voice is so unique. This video is definitely easy on the eyes since Raheem DeVaughn is in it.. DAMN he is beautiful!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Welcome back .....

I'M BAACCCKKKKKKK and so is Mr. West! It feels like we've been gone from the scene for a minute but you can stop holding your breath now [;. Kanye West is ending all is silence with his world premiere video for Coldest Winter. He always have the best concepts and I'm loving it. Glad to have you back, and I'm feeling good to be back.

Save up!

Head on over to Miss Famous Store, we are having 55% off all clearance items untill 2/28! Use code ALMOSTSPRING at checkout =) , also you could use my rep code for 10% off all other items, which is KM0809
We have great stuff from, Kweenz Destroy, Cubannie Links, Good Wood, Toki Doki and more!!

V.V. In Wonderland. . .

Here at Don't Trip...Yet, we love Jasmin also known as Vintage Vandalizm . This amazing woman always surprises me with her great sense of style and her personal twists to her every day outfits. As you can tell, she doesn't march to the beat of the Fashion world's drums but to her own, If you're not familiar with her, well get with it. Trust me, you will be seeing more of her....
Now one of her recent posts just blew me away, my mouth was open! I was like
"wow she really did this?!"
If you see the following images you'll understand why....

It is pretty obvious what her inspiration behind this was, the movie "Alice in Wonderland" of course. This movie is highly anticipated which drops March 5th! I cannot wait to see this movie and see one of these lovely outfits in person ;)

My favorite has to be the White Rabbit costume along with the Madd Hatter!

Great job Jasmin! I also suggest for you guys to add her website to your 'Daily Reads'...... and visit her website to see more images and details!

Claw Money Spring 2010

Ohhh Spring where are you?? Clothes like these make me want to move to Florida and forget this wintry New York City weather.... Claw Money debuts their Spring 2010 line and my favorite pieces are: the body suit, the tanks, hell with it I love it all!

"..a girly collection inspired by hot, carefree days in NYC and local girls who love long summer nights, city escapades and getting high on fashion"

Prices range from $40 -90, so what are you waiting for?
Click here to shop at Claw Money!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

If You Where smart...

& I know you are..You listened to me like a month ago when I told you to hit up and get your FREE digital Subscription for 1year. That's taste just like candy. You would have received the newest Issue featuring Katy Perry (I want to be just like her when I grow up) parlayin' on the cover of March. The gems inside are even more shiny! So get your Copy asap. Peace I'm off to reading suckas.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Sigma Makeup

These are hands down the best brushes you will ever get for your money. The lovely people over at sigma makeup sent me a complete brush set AND brush roll. The total for that package is around 100 dollars, which is less than 3 MAC brushes, and included in your complete set you get TWELVE professional brushes. And they come delivered to you in this beautiful sheer bag

The value of these brushes is no joke, the brush roll is this very nice leather, all of the brushes are comparable to MAC brushes (in terms of uses), but I feel as though the might even surpass them in quality. They feel so soft, and they have a brush for your every need. They are simply AMAZING. So all my makeup lovers out there, SAVE YOUR MONEY, and just buy the set from Sigma Makeup, you will NOT regret it!

I’m actually trying to get my hands on the premium set now! I cannot stop raving about these brushes! If you end up ordering some, let us know how you liked them, and tell them DTY sent ya!

click here to head over to Sigma Makeup.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Louis Vuitton S.S 2010 Shade

This summer better be amazing or I want a Refund!!

Sue Devitt Eye Intensifier Pencils GIVEAWAY

hey ladies, as you know I write for as well as DTY, and I didn't wanna leave all my DTY ladies hanging. They're having a giveaway over there. So i'm posting the link here, and you just follow the directions!

BUT hurry! the giveaway ends tomorrow at 5pm SHARP!

Good luck!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

DJ LissaMonet: HeartBreaker

Just Because Vday is long gone and it will be a long while until another one is around the corner, doesnt mean we can't cry our eyes out to these love & break up songs. Download it FO' FREE here 

Eden Fantasys Review: Whitney x Nea

Don't Forget to Check Out Eden Fantasys
I Reccomend The Following:
Dual Vibrators

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Okay I almost died, like really I wanted to scream and jump around and go out looking for him. This video screams SEXY!!! I almost had a heart attack! I've been so Twilight deprived lately since nothing really has been going on around the Twi-world. Wellp, fear no more, Robert Pattinson will be gracing the cover of Details magazine this March. How f*cking lucky are the models?! Ah.

Macaroons get in my belly;

I can see why Whitney always buys macaroons, they are simply one of the best pastries next to cupcakes. What makes it even more special they were home made. You see a friend of mine, Rob, dropped some of to me this Sunday. I appreciate the fact that he saved me some and shared. Whitney posted a recipe of them but good lawd they are so hard to make. He says it took him 3 hours to make them! Crazy right? But if you're good at this sort of thing go for it, but me? I'll be getting my macaroon fix from Rob or a shop in the city.
Thanks again!

For the Lovie Dovies & the Secret Crushes

Happy Valentine's Day
and well...... #GirlPower to the single ladies!
**chin up, indulge in chocolate covered everything!!

photo via @alejandrax3

Friday, February 12, 2010

"i love it when you call me cupcake mama"

Ello I'm Rissa.... I'm more than humbled to be a part of the Don't Trip..Yet family.. it's been a little over a year i have been religiously following this blog and secretly crushing DT..Y like no other blog crush..."I'm excited much to be apart of a collective of some of the finest, baddest, yet sweetest ladies." Ladies who blog exactly what a modern go-getter is looking for in her daily reads... i'm happy that DT..Y has tagged me along Yay!! application free simply picked up thru a cute little email... so happy to cater 564 followers with good reads..... I will treat DT..Y as my sweet little escape, from my personal blog escaping personal thangs. Well i guess you can catch me snugged up in my hello kitty snuggie, on that vampire schedule, nails fairly did with my un-matching socks, procrastinating yet crafting til the sun comes up, cupcake, and tea at hand... blogging some of my silliest rants and sappiest moments... painting pictures and taking you musically thru some of my favorite things... ...i can't promise you exactly what i'll be bringing to the table but i promise you with sprinkles &love i'll soften that hustle and sweeten that soul...

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

for the heartbreaker

V-day Supra's for the hubby or a treat for your self. Because Self love is the best kind!

Tougher than Leather

This amazing jacket is from the Fafi x Adidas S.S 10 collection. So make sure you put it on your wishlist & act quick...Well at least that's my plan. That lining is lovely.

Hellz---Long Live McQueen

As Diti previously posted, we lost a great designer. Alexander McQueen.
Hellz-Bellz is paying tribute with a shirt that was supposed to launch Fall 2010...

"In homage to this great figure in the fashion industry, a limited one-of-a-kind honorary t shirt will be sold in our Hellz online shop ,with proceeds going out to the What Ever It Takes organization in which McQueen was involved with and designed a custom t-shirt for. What Ever It Takes promotes leadership in encouraging young influential characters in this generation in taking positive action in the evolving awareness of poverty and environmental degradation." via Hellz Blog

The shirt will be only be available until Feb.19th. Get yours now here


to one of the fashion world's finest, Alexander McQueen

you can read the full article here, and if you aren't familiar with his work you can check all he has to offer on zappos here.

it is thought that McQueen committed suicide over the loss of his mother just a week or two earlier.

Suicide is a very serious and prevelant issue in our generation, if you or one of your friends is thinking about suicide or going through anything PLEASE call 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433) OR 1-800-TALK (1-800-273-8255

edit 12:04pm
The McQueen Camp has released an official statement regarding the tragedy here.


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tie Me Up!

I'm in love with these Viktor Rolf heels. There's never been so much cuteness on one heel.

Oh, Freja

I love how her..Hmm what do you call it? Shoulder gear? lol That shit looks amazing.

Monday, February 8, 2010

this goes out to Pei

since she's Wale's wife in her head...

so as you know the world premeire of the "Pretty Girls" video was shown today on 106 & Park. Did you catch it? A lot of people had mixed feelings about the video, so i'll post the video up for you to check out and form your own opinion as soon as it hits the net... BUT that's not why I'm here. Wale also premeired a video for "My Sweetie".. check it out below!

Wale - My Sweetie (directed by tabi Bonney) from tabi Bonney on Vimeo.

Artist: Wale
Song: My Sweetie
Album: Attention Deficit
Label: Allido/Interscope/RocNation
Director: tabi Bonney

This song can only be only be found on iTunes if you purchase Wale's entire album. It is one of two bonus tracks.

hit the light

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Aindrita Ray Sexy Photos

Another set of photos of the sexy Aindrita Ray who has taken the Kannada film industry by storm with her scintillating sexy performances. The photos are from the movie "Junglee". The first set of photos of Aindrita bare foot can be found here.

She looks super hot in this red saree now!!!

Indian TV Actress Rachana Parulkar - HQ Photos

Extremely high resolution photos of Indian TV actress Rachana Parulkar sitting on a couch showing off her sexy legs and feet. Rachana appears in the popular soap 'Saat Phere'.

Ultra High Quality Photos

Saat Phere Tv Actress Rachana Parulkar

Indian TV Actress Rachana Parulkar

Rachna Parulkar  - Saat Phere Tv Actress

Manjari Fadnis

Manjari Phadnis has appeared both in Bollywood and Telugu movies. She is best remembered for her role in 'Jaane Tu ya Jaane Na'. She is also brand ambassador for Onida.

Bare Feet HQ photos of Manjari Fadnis from her Telugu Movie, Inkosari.

Telugu Actress Gayatri

Telugu Actress Gayatri on the beach barefoot. Very High Quality Photos..