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Bandra Worli sea link pictures | Bandra Worli sea link opening

After 10 years of expectations, delays and, of course, planning and hard work, the spectacular Bandra-Worli Sea Link is set to open from today. The Bandra-Worli Sealink bridge is illuminated with the colors of the flag India on the eve of his inauguration. India is the first bridge built in the open sea.

Bandra Worli sea link pictures | Bandra Worli sea link opening

This stretch of 5.6 kilometers of the bridge will do wonders for the traffic bottleneck in the busy city of Mumbai condition. To reduce traffic congestion by diverting a large part of vehicles. Since 1st July, Wednesday morning, passengers will have access to a middle portion of the bridge while the other half will remain under construction for next year. 750 crore connector will connect the island city with the western suburbs and to reduce drastically the time too. This provides a useful alternative for people from that part of the city as previously the only option they had was the Mahima road.

Bandra Worli sea link pictures | Bandra Worli sea link opening
Bandra Worli sea link pictures | Bandra Worli sea link opening
Bandra Worli sea link pictures | Bandra Worli sea link opening
Bandra Worli sea link pictures | Bandra Worli sea link opening
Bandra Worli sea link pictures | Bandra Worli sea link opening

Diprivan | Diprovan drug | Diprivan propofol

Michael Jackson's nutritionist now coming out and saying that the King of Pop desperate sedative called Diprivan.
propofol, diprovan drug, diprivan propofol, depravan, deprovan
Nurse / Nutritionist Cherilyn Lee has succeeded in treating Michael Jackson as a patient tells the media that in the last days Whacko Jacko was adamant to receive a powerful intravenous sedative called Diprivan or Propofol.

But not only that the story becomes even more interesting here. Only three or four days before Michael Jackson went away, one of Michael Jackson's assistant placed a desperate call to Lee, "Nurse said that Jackson was very ill.

'On one side of my body is warm, it is hot and one side of my body is cold, "Lee over heard Jackson say in the background.

An NPD of sedative Diprivan that can compel a person to stop breathing, which can lead to fatal buildup of carbon dioxide in the body. This building CO2 can lead to unequal Heartbeat and cardiac arrest.

Michael Jackson does not go to the hospital on June 21 when Lee was called, but he was rushed to UCLA Medical Center on June 25 after falling unconscious in Los Angeles at home and not responding to CPR.

Now you now what happened on that fateful day. More will come in the following days, and I can play this story is here to stay a few extra days.

Rihanna is All Legs and Heart


After Chris Brown got a "screw-you-every-battered-girl" sentence for beating the hell out of Rihanna, we hadn't seen much of the female pop-star.


I imagine she was hiding out, fearing if she left, every dude would run up and start whacking her while setting the American flag on fire - see Chris Brown, this is what you started. Luckily, she got over these fears to grace us with her legs. I didn't know a grey-hoodie was an outfit, but I didn't know lots of things that turned out to be true - like pop-rocks and soda won't make a hamster explode, but a microwave sure will. Man, this was an informative day.

Hollywood Gossip,Hollywood News,Hollywood Celebrity,Hot Celebrity Gossip, Hollywood Business, Hollywood Actress, Celebrities Stars

Hollywood Gossip,Hollywood News,Hollywood Celebrity,Hot Celebrity Gossip, Hollywood Business, Hollywood Actress, Celebrities Stars

Nirupama Rao will appointment as India's next foreign secretary

Current Foreign Secretary Shiv Shankar Menon who will retire on July 31 after an exciting three-year period as the top ambassador. He will be replaced by Nirupa Rao as India ambassador to China.

Nirupama Rao will appointment as India's next foreign secretary
Nirupa Rao was born on 6 Dec., 1950. After obtaining a Master's Degree in English Literature from Marathwada University in Maharashtra, she joined the Indian Foreign Service in 1973.

A career diplomat, 58-year-old Rao had served as the Indian envoy to Sri Lanka and the country's first woman spokesperson prior to her posting in Beijing as Ambassador in October 2006.

Rao’s name has been sent for approval to the Cabinet Committee on Appointments, reliable sources told IANS. A formal announcement is expected to be made soon.

In her decades-long diplomatic career, Rao has served as India’s ambassador to Sri Lanka and Peru, deputy chief of mission in Moscow and spokesperson of the external affairs ministry.

She is married to Sudhakar Rao, a senior civil servant and member of the Indian Administrative Service. The couple have two sons, aged 26 and 16.

9 things troubling Nokia

As most Finns, Perttu Iso-Markku always bought mobile phones made by his country's largest company, Nokia Oyj. So in February, he has invested in an Apple Inc. iPhone and began to load it with applications.
9 things troubling Nokia
Nokia is unlikely to win him back anytime soon. "If I only have a phone that I want to buy a Nokia," said Iso-Markku, a 34-year-old employee at Oneworld Finland, a non-governmental organization. "I wanted something more like a small computer."

Iso-Markku's move shows how the Espoo-based Nokia, the world's largest manufacturer of mobile phones, and fighting program independently rich competitors like Apple that customers increasingly want their phone to capture all of the devices. With more and more of the industry's battles are fought on the content, Nokia's share of the $ 50 billion market for Smartphones, the industry's fastest-growing segment is declining.

Sacha Bruno A New Man In Australia

Bruno Has Found Himself A New Man In Australia

Austrian fashions or extraordinary businessman Sacra Cohen, the man has got a sexy new looks, Bruno is the Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has a crush is revealed.

In Australia for the premiere of his new film in a news conference, Bruno his meeting with the Prime Minister talked about.

"The reason I'm late is I just had breakfast in bed with Kevin Rudd," he said. "That guy is like, umber cute. I thought Obama was, like, the hottest guy in the world until I met Kevin."

They both won in the form of walking, a popular talk show was on Australian Clearly, Bruno and Rudd last night met.

When talking about the Australian men's fashion, Bruno, "Oh, because I know the British 150 years ago here on all gay people have sent her, then a little bit of nature and I hope itch am a little disappointed to be honest."

Bruno himself obviously Berlin, London and Los Angeles premiere of their nature as evidenced by organizations with no problem.

Bruno Has Found Himself A New Man In Australia

Bruno Has Found Himself A New Man In Australia

Bruno Has Found Himself A New Man In Australia

Bruno Has Found Himself A New Man In Australia

Bruno Has Found Himself A New Man In Australia

Bruno Has Found Himself A New Man In Australia

Bruno Has Found Himself A New Man In Australia

HTC Hero took on Orange UK website

The HTC Hero has made its debut in a British mobile provider's website, but find themselves burdened with a teasing "coming soon" label. Having spoken with Orange, we can confirm previous reports that the device will be available free for anyone who still undetermined but the eye-gouging, price plans. The company said that they are still testing the device, and should have price data tomorrow. T-Mobile expects to quickly follow suit and reveal their Hero by another name (G1 Touch?), Também fully subsidized. Both operators will offer graphite version of the phone, so if you have your heart set on a white Teflon-coated goodness you may visit the SIM-free route
HTC Hero spotted on Orange UK website

Motorola i465

  Motorola  i465

New Sprint Motorola i465 coming Recently, there's news of the Motorola i465 will be listed this summer and cost $ 70 that Sprint is a customized version. The Motorola i465 is the first iDEN phone.

Specific details are sparse but it will likely have a QWERTY keyboard, support for GSM, CDMA networks, VGA camera, Bluetooth 2.0 and iDEN

Motorola i465 Clutch - Boost Mobile

Mozilla Firefox 3.5

Firefox version 3.5 will release yesterday. Firefox 3.5 is based on the Gecko 1.9.1 rendering technology platform, which has been under growth in new years. Firefox 3.5 proffers many modify over the previous version, hold up for new web-technology, better presentation and usability, and add new skin for consumers:

What's new in 3.5?
1. Better tools for management of private data, including a private browsing mode.
2. Better performance and stability, with the new Trace Monkey JavaScript engine.
3. The capability to give position Aware Browsing using web principles for geolocation.
4. Maintain for inhabitant JSON and Web worker outfit.
5. The improvements in the Gecko layout engine, including the speculative examination for faster happy depiction.

Support for new web knowledge such as: HTML5 and rudiments, downloadable fonts, and other new CSS properties, JavaScript query selector HTML5 offline data storage for applications and SVG transforms. Developers can find out about all the changes and new features on the Mozilla Developer Center.

Download HERE

Mariah Carey Channels Eminem In 'Obsessed' Video

Applied Plaza Hotel in NYC film her music video for "busy" today. The new single from her just released album, memoirs of a partial Angel, hits back at Eminem for that the two had a six month affair (and called her a "[Effing] whore"). From the pictures, it is unclear how the video is related to the rapper or beef, but it is not difficult to see how people could "fill" the DiVA general. This is quintessential Mariah: sculpted legs in full-screen mode during a short dress, long windblown locks, foaming fans loitering in the background, huge heels and more than a little cleavage. That is not obsessed?
Mariah Carey Channels Eminem In 'Obsessed' Video

Mariah Carey Channels Eminem In 'Obsessed' VideoMariah Carey Channels Eminem In 'Obsessed' Video
Mariah Carey Channels Eminem In 'Obsessed' VideoMariah Carey Channels Eminem In 'Obsessed' VideoMariah Carey Channels Eminem In 'Obsessed' VideoMariah Carey Channels Eminem In 'Obsessed' VideoMariah Carey Channels Eminem In 'Obsessed' VideoMariah Carey Channels Eminem In 'Obsessed' Video

Michael jackson autopsy photo

michael jackson autopsy photo<br />
Los Angeles County Coronet has started an autopsy on Michael Jackson. Dr. Lakshmanan Sathyavagiswaran autopsy is performed. Dr. became star witness in the O.J. Simpson case.

We told some members of the Jackson family are on their way to Coronet office. As the police make plans to conduct a second interview with Michael Jackson's doctor, the singer began an autopsy Friday morning to find the cause of his mysterious death, with the Los Angeles County medical examiner carry top procedure itself.

Jackson, 50, was declared dead at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center Thursday afternoon after suffering a cardiac arrest in his home. The body was airlifted to the entire city offices in Los Angeles Coronet of an autopsy that began with fewer than 24 hours later.

Nbu result 2009 | north bengal university 2009 result

North Bengal University website is www.nbu.ac.in. This is a state university located close near to Siliguri in Darjeeling region in northern portion of the Indian state of West Bengal was recognized in 1962 with a goal to distribute information to complete rising socio-economic and technological manpower wants in the six North Bengal districts and the neighboring state of Sikkim.

At present, colleges only in three districts- Cooch Behar, Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling district are joined to this university.
Student can check result HERE

Kanpur university result 2009 | kanpur university

Well known University of Kanpur also known as Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University. This university is situated in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. The university CSJM was Established in 1966 year. University has 170 associated colleges in 15 districts.

The university search for to donate to student an education from side to side curriculum plan. Check your result HERE

Kanpur University Departments list:
Deen Dayal Shodh Sansthan
Department of Adult & Continuing education & Extension
Department of Education
Department of English
Department of Fine Arts and Painting
Department of Library & Information Science
Department of Master of Social Work (MSW)
Department of Music
Department of Physical Education
Prajyendu mishra Institute of Bioscience & Biotechnology
Institute of Business Management
Institute of Journalism & Mass Communication
Institute of Life Sciences
Institute of Pharmacy
University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Kanpur University more commonly UIET Kanpur
University Institute of Para Medical Science

Aieee counselling result 2009 | aieee seat allotment 2009

AIEEE CENTRAL COUNSELLING BOARD has started and result will announced coming soon. Aieee result was announced the Seat Allotment Results 2009 on the. www.aieee.nic.in. There are two categories. First is Engineering Stream and second is Architecture Stream. Check the result:

Engineering Stream
Architecture Stream

This year admission of AIEEE 2009 announced. The Online analysis progression is listed to hold in June month. For additional info and modernize from AIEEE visit: AIEEE official website

Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried in Jennifer's Body Movie

"Jennifer's Body" revealed his two leading ladies of Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried, fun to see provided. Reject the first film school photos are ousted by the points in the latest Empire magazine's printed version in the form of a scan are

Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried in Jennifer's Body

One of the pictures sees Fox's titular character, Jennifer Check, in her cheerleader outfit before she gets possessed by a demon. Another one displays her covered in blood and possessed by the man-eating demon. Beside Jennifer's photo, another image exhibits Siegfried’s Needy Lunacy. She is seen in the picture dirty with bloody nose and hands. The last one captures both Jennifer and Needy in what seems to be a classroom.

Note the "Juno" screenwriter, the Diablo Cody, "Jennifer's Body does". Jennifer, a beautiful cheerleader on a demon this new film comedy thriller centers. Due to his current position, she is a Minnesota farm to feed the boys in the city seduces. Now, it's his nerdy best friend to save the boys and all the boys to stop from killing Jennifer needy left.

Starring Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried, the film directed by "kalpa flow" and "Girlfight" helmer, Karyn Kusama also Adam Brody, Amy Sedaris, is supported by J. Simmons, Chris Pratt and many others. 20th Century Fox comedy horror Schedule September 18 to hit U.S. theaters.

Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried in Jennifer's BodyMegan Fox and Amanda Seyfried in Jennifer's BodyMegan Fox and Amanda Seyfried in Jennifer's BodyMegan Fox and Amanda Seyfried in Jennifer's Body

State Bank of India – SBI announces Recruitment Project 2009

State Bank of India – SBI announces Recruitment Project 2009

As per SBI Job recruitment there is 191 vacancies for the post of Specialist Officers in the State Bank of India’s Group. Post are Chief Officer (Security), Chief Manger, CS (Company Secretary ), CA/ICWA – Chief officer, Manager & Deputy Manager, Deputy Managers for Law, Civil Engineering, Electrical/ Electronics, Security, and Assistant Managers for Systems, Hardware & Networking, Systems - Hardware Engineers, Law & Official Language and Medical Officer Posts.

State Bank of India – SBI announces Recruitment Project 2009
The Pay Scales as per Skills and also start from Rs. 10000 to Rs. 29340. All Vacancies around SBI Group Branches across India Including the banking Subsidiaries.

• State Bank of Indore (SBIr)
• State Bank of Patiala (SBP)
• State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur (SBBJ)
• State Bank of Hyderabad (SBH)
• State Bank of Saurashtra (SBS)
• State Bank of Mysore (SBM)

Requiremet for SBI Job Recruitment

Applicant must have Indian Citizens.
Rs. 250/- As Application Fess which Deposited in any BBS branch of SBI in AC no : 30472368053.

Contact Details:
Telefax :022 – 2282 0427
Fax:022 – 2282 0411
Go to Official Site of SBI Click Here

To Download Application From Click Here

Orissa 10th result | orissa hsc result 2009 | orissa board exam 2009

orissa hsc result

Annual H.S.C Examination Result 2009 declared today. For the result HSC check the BSC orissa website. Result will update on the website at the 9:00 AM in the morning time.

So student can check them result after 9:00 AM. This information was taken from the orissa government. HSC 10th class result was confirmed on the June 30, 2009.

For information there are two type of box first is Regular button and second is Ex-Regular. Check your result HERE

Monday, June 29, 2009

Yemeni plane crashes with 154 on board

A YEMENIA Jetline more than 150 people on board has crashed in the Indian Ocean off the island nation of Comoros, aviation officials in Yemen said Tuesday.
 Yemeni plane crashes with 154 aboard
Jet was the way to Moroni, the capital of Comoros, the Yemeni capital Sanaa, when it crashed about an hour before reaching their targets, officials from the national airline YEMENIA said. There was no immediate news on the fate of its occupants.

YEMENIA Flight 626 left Sanaa at 9:30 for what was expected to be a 4 ½-hour flight. The airline has three regular flights a week to Moroni, off the east coast of Africa about 2,900 kilometers (1,800 miles) south of Yemen.
Most of the 143 passengers on board the Airbus A310 was Comorian, an official in Sanaa International Airport said. The aircraft also carried a crew of 11 for a total of 154 people on board.
There is no evidence of poor play behind the incident, officials said.
Crash the other with an Airbus jet for a month. 1. June an Air France Airbus A330 crashed outside of Brazil as a route from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to Paris, France. All 228 on board are presumed dead. The cause is still under investigation.