Friday, April 17, 2009

Kalki Koechlin:Acting is like yoga for me

Dev. D girl Kalki Koechlin is balancing movies with theatre. She says acting is like yoga for her.

26-year-old Kalki isn’t eager to cash in on her newfound fame post her portrayal of Chanda in Anurag Kashyap’s modern interpretation of Devdas . Rather, after her Bollywood debut the girl went back to her first love (no, not Anurag Kashyap ) – theatre. She recently staged a self-scripted play in New Delhi.

“Acting is like yoga for me. It makes me happy; so now I am trying to create a balance between theatre and Bollywood,” Kalki is quoted by a news agency.

The unconventional looking actress said theatre hones an actor’s skills.

“Theatre is my passion but unfortunately in this world you can't survive doing only theatre. Theatre is an actor's medium and it sharpens your acting skills, but it doesn't give you enough money to survive,” Kalki rued.

Speaking about her play ‘The Skeleton Woman’, Kalki told the agency: “I have been working on this play ever since ‘Dev D’ got over. I knew that I immediately didn't want to act in another movie; hence I started working on the play.”

But what about movies? Isn’t she willing to sign anymore projects in Bollywood?

“I would rather wait for doing something interesting than get myself caught in the stereotypical roles. Unfortunately there are so many stories to tell through this medium but nothing interesting is coming my way,” Kalki revealed.

However, Kalki has agreed to act in Kashyap’s next film ‘Happy Ending’. Though she doesn’t like to speak much about her personal relationship with Kashyap (with whom she’s living in), she does concede passion for work brings them together.

“We are two different individuals but what brings us together is our passion for work. We are very objective when it comes to work. Working with him is a delight because our understanding level is perfect,” she said.

(With quotes from IANS)