Saturday, April 18, 2009

The famous rivalry between the two Khans

The famous rivalry between the two Khans seems to have settled down for the time being and they have united for the cause of the industry, and coinciding with it another incident has happened. The cola wars between the Khans have also come to an end. Shah Rukh Khan is now a brand ambassador for Sprite, the company which is owned by Coca Cola, and it has been represented by Aamir Khan for quite a long time. Given a choice, probably Shah Rukh Khan might not have left Pepsi, but the Indian Premier League seems to have precipitated the issue. His team Kolkata Knight Riders is now sponsored by Sprite, and in such a scenario it would not have been possible for him to endorse another brand.

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For a change in the commercial of Sprite that has been released, Shah Rukh Khan is seen along with his team mates of Kolkata Knight Riders and it is one of the firsts for Shah Rukh Khan as till the time Shah Rukh Khan was representing Pepsi, the campaign used to revolve around him, while with Sprite the narrative has changed. Now he is a part of thematic commercial, which is a specialty of nearly all the Coca Cola campaigns that Aamir Khan has been associated with. It is owing to the adoption of theme that Coke's campaign brings into its ambit food, celebration and other themes, more so cricket, packaging it as a complete campaign. Shah Rukh Khan has not been a part of this collective package till his association with Pepsi.

It would be interesting to watch whether Shah Rukh Khan be roping in his protegees as well, i.e. whether Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone also become a part of the Coke campaign, now that Shah Rukh Khan has declared his following for Sprite. Watch out for this space.