Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bipasha Basu, actor: I love gold jewellery

Bipasha Basu, actor: I love gold jewellery. In fact, Bappi da wears such lovely gold jewellery; it’s full of these little Gods. I think gold looks chic and traditional both and makes for a great investment.

Whether it is a tiny gold Ganapati clasping a weathered rudraksh, maharani necklace gifted to you on your wedding day by your grandmother or simply the nuggets you procured during your Dubai trip, gold holds an everlasting appeal and a viable monetary value.

As the bears and bulls play hookie and the realty pie staggers to retain a sustainable foothold, the yellow metal beckons every woman and her cup runneth over.

Meera Mahadevia, accessories designer: I believe gold lasts forever. Buying gold is considered auspicious in our culture as well. In my mind there is nothing that surpasses the magic and appeal of traditional jewellery for a woman. It lights up every occasion. In times like this it makes sense to invest in the yellow metal. In fact I have brought in 24K gold as embellishment in my Rajwada collection of jewelled totes, as a celebration of life. There is a gold Ganesha in all our offices.

Poonam Soni, jewellery designer: Gold is a great buy during these days. You can never lose with it.

Krashani Sivamani, entrepreneur: My husband regards gold as an auspicious inclusion around every festival. Gold simply never goes out of style.