Monday, March 31, 2008

Kanagana Ranaut Again

Sexy kanagana Ranaut Barefoot scan
Here are some more of Kangana Ranaut scans and photos. The one above is from cineblitz magazine while the one below is from a times of India photo shoot. Kangana does do barefoot photo shoots quite a lot. Nice actress.
Kanagana sexy on the couch
Sexy Kanagana Ranaut
Hot Kanagana
Kangana Ranaut Barefoot

Barefoot model in fishnet

Portfolio shots of an Indian model Sonia Tulsani barefoot in a fishnet dress. Nice dark background shoot.
Indian Model barefeet in fishnet
Indian model in fishnet photo
Indian model in fishnet portfolio shoot

Friday, March 28, 2008

Hot Bare Feet Actress

Hot legs and feet - Actress Photo
Very Hot photos of a South Indian actress Bharathi in ultra high resolution sitting on a chair showing off her glossy legs and bare feet. Here are some more photos of her from a past entry on this blog.
Indian actress Hot legs
Indian actress feet

Cute Hansika Motwani

Hansika Motwani
The Child actress turned full time actress now, Hansika Motwani was seen recently n Bollywood in the most "Disastrous Film released in 2007, Aap Ka Suroor". (Although the disaster had nothing to do with Hansika but with the actor) Hansika was born in Mumbai and speaks Hindi, English and Telugu. She has acted both in Bollywood and Telugu movies. The photos below are from her telugu film Desamuduru(already blogged about here) where Hansika plays a Sannyasi or a Hindu sage. A very cute actress!!

Cute Hansika Motwani
Cute Hansika Motwani
Cute Hansika Motwani

Super Hot Kangana Ranaut

Kanagana Ranaut barefeet scans from a mag photo shoot were posted way back on this blog. However two of the best ones went missing thanks to the imagehosting server going down. So here are they again. THe beauty in black. Ultra High quality scans with Kangana showing her beautiful legs and feets.
Sexy legs and feet show by Kanagana Ranaut Scans
Sexy Kanagana Ranaut

Pretty Parvati Melton

Parvati Melton in high heels from the movie "Jalsa".
Sexy Parvati Melton
Parvati Melton
Parvati Melton red hot

Barefeet by the rocks model photo shoot

Cute Model Simla photo shoot besides the rocks and a pottery making plant. Nice cute babe and feet.

Cute Model photo shoot
Cute Model photo shoot
Cute Model photo shoot
Cute Model photo shoot
Cute Model photo shoot
Cute Model photo shoot
Cute Model photo shoot
Cute Model photo shoot
Cute Model photo shoot
Cute Model photo shoot

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Navneet Kaur Glam Photos

Beautiful Navneet Kaur Bare foot on the floor
The Mumbai born Punjabi actress who is now acting in Telugu cinema, was blogged earlier in this blog for her photoshoot in a maroon Sari. Here are now some glam photos from her portfolio shoot. Stunning looks, great legs.
Stunning Navneet Kaur
Leg Show by Telugu Actress Navneet Kaur

Beautiful Amrita Rao wallpaper

Amrita Rao
Cute Amrita Rao wallpaper as she sits , on the floor barefoot. There aren't many photos of her on the net. Another of her exclusive wallpaper barefoot can be found here.
Cute Amrita Rao wallpaper

Red Hot Hansika Motwani

Red Hot and sexy Hansika Motwani
The red hot photos are from the Telugu movie "Desamuduru" starring Hansika Motwani and Allu Arjun. Nice scenes on the beach.

Hansika Motwani on the beach
Sexy Hansika Motwani

A movie poster/wallpaper courtesy idlebrain
Desamuduru movie wallpaper/poster

Sexy Shriya celebrates Holi

Telugu actress Shriya sexy and hot
Shriya Saran, thehottest South Indian actress for a photoshoot drenched in colours for the popular indian festival "Holi". These are scans taken from a newspaper. The High Quality version of Shriya scan is below.
Hot Shriya Saran celebrates holi drenched in colours

Indian Model Foot care

User Submitted photos of an unknown Indian model/actress in a beauty parlour getting her feet pedicured.

Linked by a user of this blog.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Shriya Photo Gallery

Gorgeous Shriya Saran sexy photo
Telugu/Tamil actress Shriya Saran photo gallery. One of the most popular actresses in South India who rose to be the top actress down south with her role in Rajnikanth starrer Sivaji the Boss.
Shriya bare feet photo
Telugu actress Shriya Saran
Shriya saran sexy photo
The barefoot shots of shriya are hard to find and as can be seen above the ones are not clean shots either :(. Instead Here are some sexy shots of her from a press confrence of her film. Nice leg show.
Hot Shriya Saran leg show
Sexy Shriya
Sexy Shriya
Shriya sexy leg show

She is not to be confused with Shriya Jha who was blogged about earlier.