Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Best Barefeet actress pictures of the year

The first day of the new year would be a good time to reflect on some of the best photos according to me of this blog till now. The blog readers can comment on which they thought were the best in their opinion.

I will list my 5 choices. I am not rating model pictures here but only of bollywood actresses. The criteria is great barefeet photos which aren't vulgar.

My first choice would be the very first post of the blog itself, by Artistic.
Aishwarya Rai Barefeet for Lux Ad
She isn't the most beautiful lady in the world for nothing. I know i haven't done justice to her or this blog by not posting more of her, but there aren't many around also.

My Second choice would be the first photo below of Diya Mirza.
Diya Mirza Cute Photos
Gorgeous photos.

Third Choice would be this photo of Perizaad in a sari(a beautiful one at that) with her bare feet in the air. Superb Photo, i would call it artistics best.
Perizaad Zorabian in Sari

Fourth choice is a shade tough, a toss up between Sushmita Sen and Katrina kaif
In the end i will go for Sushmita Sen. Thelevi jeans shoot with her bare feet peek was quite superb
SushMita Sen Barefeet for Levi Ad.

My Fifth and Final choice would be Preity Zinta.
Her first photo in green salwar suit was a winner all the way.
Preity Zinta Barefoot photo

Thats it folks. You will see more this year!