Thursday, January 10, 2008

200 posts for BollyFeet

Another landmark for this blog! This is the 200th published post on BollyFeet
This hasn't been the most active blog. This certainly hasn't been the blog that has been regular in updates which have either been totally absent or have come in batches.
But 8 months into this blog, one can safely say that the blog has celebrated Indian Beauty. A standard has always been maintained irrespective of the Blog Author and a genuine effort has been made to make this blog stand out from a plethora of photoblogs on bollywood celebs and models. There are lot of photos out there that can be posted and haven't been if they were found to be in bad taste. Although we cannot say that all that has been posted was of high quality, certainly the majority of the posts should have been.
At this juncture its also worth saying that there might not be updates to this blog in future, not to say immediately. The blog will remain on blogger as long as blogspot remains online so its safely stashed on the internet(hopefully) permanently. Most of the images hosted here are either on blogspot or on and barring some very old posts, the images should remain on supload permanently too.

And to round of this drab post, here is a nice model(unknown) photo.

Beautiful Model Photo