Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Showing Bare Feet and Bollywood

Unfortunate as it is, finding models or bollywood stars bare feet is getting increasingly tough. The fact is that there are not enough models or mainstream actresses who do a photo shoot showing their bare feet. Which is pretty sad considering that Indian traditional dresses like saree, gaghra etc look best on women with bare feet. (or so i think anyway) The sheer beauty of such a photo can't be described. Alas! as i said its impossible to find such photo shoots and they appear rarely in magazines. Contrast that with the west where the celebs regularly do photo shoots bareing their feet and legs.

Most photo shoots go along the lines the one below of Celina Jaitley.
Celina Jaitley on the floor in sandals
Nice pose but she ends up with a sandal on the floor where maybe a bare feet shot was due. On the other hand the type like of Neetu Chandra are hard to find.

Neetu Chandra bare Feet

However, if we look at the trend say in the South Indian film industry, this is certainly not the case. Even the top actresses regularly do photo shoots, and more importantly show bare feet in dresses where they should be shown(read traditional ware).

This blog will still attempt to find all the photos be it from Bollywood or Tollywood where the celebs go bare feet. Having said that not everything gets posted here as the principle of beauty is weighed first and then the photo is looked into. So expect only pretty or mainstream actresses, models here.