Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Nikitha - Photos and wallpapers

Another hot babe from South who looks great. Now we have a new photoshoot of her which to me could have been a great photoshoot but for some stupid mistakes by the model.
Lets see the model first. Looking very cute, long legs and a great beauty:

Nice long legs looking great
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And just when it was starting to look good, here :

Didn't someone tell her to wash her feet or something? She is looking so stunning in the blue saree. But what bad soles. (Some people might have fetish for dirty feet, i certainly don't have. When in a photoshoot you are expected to look great, not like this.)

The above three are wallpapers(sorry for the quality of the same, you can either have a big watermark or some crappy fixes) The original gallery with a lot more photos is here