Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Long Legged Models

Collection of photos of top models of Indid displaying their long legs. What cute babes, ain't they?

Start off with katrina, oh she looks cute no matter what the pose. What great legs..
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Shonal Rawat now. Another Miss India babe and what superb feet. She is real cute.

And finally Mallaika Arora. Always wearing hot dresses, always super hot

Top Models of India

When 4 stunning top models of India come together for a photoshoot, what do you get?

Simple, a stunning photograph. with top models showing their supersexy legs and feet. Class apart!!

In the photo from left to right: Katrina Kaif, Indrani Dasgupta, Shivani Kapur and Yana Gupta

Monday, June 25, 2007

Sexy, Hot, Glamorous Ileana

Adjectives fail me. Ileana, the super actress from tollywood looks stunning, ravishing, beautiful and superhot in these photoshoots below and i am sure everyone will agree.
Presenting The cute and hot Ileana scans you just cannot afford to miss.

WOW!!! What a babe she looks in red. Red hot and sultry!!

More Scans in a red micro mini dress showing her wonderful legs and feet.

One more scan with Ileana on a log in the middle of sea!!

WOW!!!! Glamorous is the word!!

Beautiful Models in a photoshoot

Beautiful Rajeshwari Sachdev and other models for a saree catalogue photoshoot. Absolute stunning photos. Although there are only two barefeet photos but what the heck this is an artistic photo blog and the rest of the photos are too good to miss. I guess everyone should really like the photoshoot.

Three cheers to the photographer
Here are the photos from the rest of the photoshoot.

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Super Sexy Payal Rohatgi

Payal rohatgi's is another bollywood actress whose claim to fame has been shedding clothes. As with others this strategy never works in the long run. She started off by being Miss Tourism, 2001(Again looks like beauty queen competitions should be rechristened as Bollywood entry competitions.) She happens to be a computer engineer and took up modelling after college.
Finally made entry into bollywood with a B grade film(or was it A grade?) Tauba Tauba.

Below are three wallpapers from the same movie. Payal looks real hot....

Incidentally the movie is being remade now(a sequel to that) and Payal is not going to star in it. The director has claimed to have replaced her with someone hotter in "Sadhika". See below and decide yourself who is hotter...
Still from phir tauba tauba, Sadhika looking very sexy

Hot Neha Dhupia Wallpapers

Continuing with the post on Neha Dhupia here, here are some more hot photos and wallpapers of her. As i had mentioned, Neha has realized, little late i suppose, that plain sex won't take you far in any show business.

Thats reflected in her taking more de-glam roles in Delhii Heights for example. However its not as if she has given up on her staple roles. Eg in the recently released film Ek Chalis Ki Last Local she again took up the role of a prostitute. As was expected the movie bombed at the box office.

Ahh well, coming back to the wallpapers, she sure has nice feet and legs, atleast judging from the first wallpaper.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Women in Traditional Indian dresses

No dress brings out the beauty of women as much as traditional Indian dresses of Sarre and Salwar Kameez. Everyone seems to look nice in western dresses, however, the best judge of beauty is when a girl wears the Indian dresses and really one who looks beautifu in that is the real beauty.
Have a look at this model in Saree. Imo she looks superb all thanks to the wonderful Indian Dress.

Or even a model in Salwar.

I know this is a bare feet blog, but do expect some updates of models in these dresses. Might not be bare feet, but they will be beautiful. I hope you enjoy the beauty show :) Tradional Wear

Minissha Lamba

One of the cutest actresses in bollywood today, Minissha Lamba was born in a Sikh family in New Delhi. She went into modelling and modelled for cadbury. Immediately afterwards she came into bollywood with the movie yahan and her acting was acclaimed.

She has now quite a few movies to her credit. This 22 year old sure has a long way to go in bollywood....

Here are some of her cutest high quality wallpapers showing her exquisite legs and feet.

Minissha lamba Hot sexy wallpaper
Minissha lamba Hot sexy wallpaper
Minissha lamba Hot sexy wallpaper

Hot Lara Dutta Wallpapers

As promised earlier, we are back with some ultra hot Lara Dutta wallpapers.

Starting off with a scorcher, Lara looking super sexy and hot showing her legs and bare feet.

Next up Lara Dutta in a green dress(this was a photoshoot for a Procter and Gamble product) on the bed. Looking very sweet.

Finally two more wallpapers

Models from pakistan in a hot photoshoot

A hot model couple from across the border now. The models names are Sania(the girl) and Abdullah(the boy). This was a shooting for a magazine photoshoot. Unfortunately i don't know anything more about the models or the shoot so all that you can do now is enjoy the pretty models. (Incidentally most Pakistani models are pretty, If only our two countries stop fighting our petty issues, we have both a common culture and heritage)

More sexy photos from the same shoot:
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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sexy Lara Dutta

The former Miss Universe, Lara Dutta is a hot dusky supermodel, and now a bollywood actress. Recently she hosted the IIFA2007 awards function in Yorkshire.
Lara Dutta is also a gladrags mega model and went on to win the "Miss Intercontinental" competetion. Afterwards she went on to become Miss India and finally Miss Universe in the year 2000.(much to the surprize of many i might add. She didn't have that kind of looks i think to be miss universe.)

Anyway here are some photos and wallpapers of Lara Dutta barefeet and showing her feet. Some more high quality wallpapers coming soon too.Starting off with two wallpapers of Lara Dutta:

Lara fresh out of bath ;)

Lara Dutta for bollyfeet.blogspot.com, fresh out of bath

Lara Dutta in swimsuit
Lara Dutta hot photo in swimsuit
Lara Dutta hot photo in swimsuit